“Appreciate the durability of residents of the South”

Constant security tensions in the Gaza Strip reached its peak in pillar and branch to the (nationality, settlement and security) in the South, continues to worry residents life texture despite the rockets and troops the South.

תאריך: 16/11/2012, 16:49    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן והדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Six years ago, while licking wounds Israel, Lebanon residents of the Gaza Strip would remain in constant conflict between the need for security and the desire to sustain the routine correctly. In fact, the area was flooded but not troops would lead the army concentrated. Residents of the wrapping had to deal with incidents in which no livelihood and well-being. Maj. Gen. Yoav Gallant, command, identified the problem and decided to establish a branch for the national settlement and security, aims to serve as a military body that thinks. The background operation, “page works around the clock for the residents.

“With the beginning of operation” pillar “, only officers moved from shelter to shelter to alert system and check them one by one to find the gaps or deficiencies. So, we know that the Gaza Strip settlements are protected properly, “head to the southern command, Lieutenant Colonel Gal horev. “About the only has the officers responsible for the fabric of life, as a branch of the mstnchern southern command with the HFC and its citizens,” he said.

“We and Israel Defense Forces military destruction, therefore we cannot undermine the fabric of life of the people of Israel as we guarantee their safety”, “head to the job offer, industry analyst the situation according to the intelligence and operational assessments, and therefore recommends to the champion. In some localities were identified hours there are several falls, and weighed the option of closing the trade centers at that time and to stay in their homes. According to the analysis, adjusted store hours times the danger.

“To ensure that the children wrap back to sleep as children need to sleep.”

In addition, mtmkamot units in sector are civic and agricultural areas. Vehicles, equipment and soldiers may accidentally injure the fabric of life. “We have to find an appropriate space which caused minimal damage to civilians, agriculture and livelihood,” said a head “i.e., the Division sought to close to area citizens.
We realized that by moving the feet barrier prevented citizens from entering hazardous areas but not injured in the regular supplies and routine work of local residents, “said,” the responsibility we have to find the right place for the military body responsive to citizens.

The purpose of the branch to take the law of the home front command and to formulate an appropriate defense policy to the unique characteristics of the Gaza Strip. For example, does exist in schools, or to open shelters. “The circuits between the population, southern command and the home front command during an emergency event much more brief thanks to cooperation between the bodies. The connection gives ear to residents, probably in the period as a military operation in which uncertainty has increased, “said Lieutenant Colonel horev.

“Our goal is to ensure that the children wrap back to sleep as children need to sleep and ask questions that children ask, and how iron when flying. And the red color will be the color of watermelon, “said Lieutenant Colonel horev,” We appreciate the durability, strength and support of residents of the South in emergencies and routine “.

Translated from Hebrew