Approved list of decorations and shading to the second Lebanon war fighters

142 soldiers and officers receive medals and shadow in early September for heroism shown during the second Lebanon war. Of whom receive 38 decorations and Shadow Warriors tchleim, granted by the “exemplary stories discovered during the war indicate the fighting spirit and evil prevailing among soldiers and are a source of pride to Israel Defense Forces Chief of staff, said,” with the publication of the list.

תאריך: 09/08/2007, 14:22    

Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, approved the recommendation of the Joint Commission for decorations and shadow headed by Aluf Yishai bar. During the day, IDF commanders ordered their homes of the recipients and the general public, and shadow to give their talk. 38 soldiers and officers receive in three weeks and shadow decorations too popular to Chief, will be about 104 צל”שים commanders, troop commands, divisions and brigades.

The Joint Commission, headed by major general Jesse bar, held dozens of meetings, revealed 42 recommendations for providing shade and decorations on the Joint Chiefs. After established criteria and standards, as stated on 38 grant scrollwork and shadow (commendations) רמטכ”ל.

Giving ceremony will take place in 1996 and Chief of general staff Forum on Sunday 2 September 2007, at 19:00 in the Auditorium of the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv.

Six soldiers receive Medal of courage, the second in importance in the IDF, which is awarded by the Chief of staff for the feat, which was made of duty while fighting hard. The recipients of the Medal of Valor are: Maj. ROI Klein, Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade battalion 51 who jumped on a grenade during the battle and thus saved his warriors, Captain Enoch daube company leader in the Armored Division Sergeant Yakov 187, avihai, was commander of the Golani Brigade, staff sergeant Benjamin Assaraf, machine gunner in paratroopers and staff sergeant rotmansh oak, symbol of the patrol Division.

The Medal of distinguished service, also awarded by the receive twelve soldiers. The medal is awarded for an act of courage and he deserves to serve as an example. Exemplary award recipients are:

Lieutenant Colonel Avner, a staff member. Show steadfastness, personal responsibility, professionalism and bad when extracting a resource in the village of aitha. on 20 July 2006. Ryan showed fighting spirit, determination, initiative, creativity, professionalism, composure and courage under

Captain (Res.) Dr. Igor Rothstein, a doctor in medical staff officer for the battalion’s 13 assists, Golani Brigade. Show steadfastness, responsibility and in battle in the village of Assembly on 4 August 2006. Ryan has shown initiative and courage.
Under fire.

Capt. Tamir, a doctor in the Navy, Navy. Show steadfastness, responsibility, professionalism and bad news during an operation in the city of tyre on 5 August 2006. Ryan demonstrated professional skills change, determination, devotion to the Warrior and his remarkable composure.

Captain Itamar Katz Cmdr. Golani Brigade battalion 51. Show steadfastness, personal responsibility, and in battle in Bint Jbeil, July 26, 2007. Katz has proven Ryan spirit, initiative, leadership, poise, professionalism, discretion and courage under fire.

Captain era killing Cmdr., 82, an Armor Battalion 7. Show steadfastness
And striving for victory, responsibility, personal example, and bad during almond Ridge space 19 July 2006. Morag has proven Ryan spirit, leadership, courage and initiative.

Captain (Ret.) Dr. Alexey kolganov, infantry battalion 2007. Show steadfastness, personal example and professionalism during combat in the village of Al-aitha, August 5, 2006 and during the battle in Jenin Abu Tawil, August 13, 2006. Kolganov proved Ryan determination, courage and poise.

Sergeant Major (reserves) Ben Lerner in alpha company, 3rd Battalion 7107 engineering. Show responsibility, personal and bad example during battle in Marj ayyun, August 10, 2006.
Lerner has demonstrated the spirit of volunteering, acts cool, leadership, fellowship and devotion.

Staff Sergeant Rotem white as “sting” unit for the operational staff of battalion 890, paratroopers. Show steadfastness and bad example during battle in the village of Al-aitha, August 2, 2006. Proven acts fearlessly, exemplary volunteer and poise.

Staff Sergeant and Ladislav קזצ’קוב, a third company, 51st battalion, Golani Brigade. Show
Steadfastness, personal responsibility, and in battle in Bint (Jbeil), 26 Jul 2006. קזצ’קוב has proven Ryan spirit, leadership, poise and courage under

PFC Jacob Ibn Atiya, was commander in battalion 890, the company, the paratroopers brigade. Show steadfastness and victory, responsibility, personal example, professionalism
And in a battle in the village of Al-aitha, August 1, 2006. Ben ‘ showed fighting spirit in his actions, leadership, determination and courage.

Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Ofer, a medic in the alpha company, 3rd Battalion 8219 engineering. Show
Responsibility, personal example, and bad news during an incident in the village of Debel, August 9, 2006. Ben ‘ doings proved spirit, sacrifice, determination, courage and brotherhood of warriors.

PFC Michael Huebner, scored separately in Habla, 931, the battalion.
Show steadfastness, personal responsibility, and bad news during the fighting in ע’נדוריה village, August 12, 2006. Huebner has demonstrated in his actions to combat, courage under fire, determination and brotherhood of warriors.

The Chief Special mention given also by the for or conduct that are coming to accept the award of 17 soldiers.

In addition, three units are expected to get special mention, Chief of operations for evacuation of casualties during the war: “desert birds” Squadron, the “sword” Squadron, and air force transport unit of central command.


Translated from Hebrew