Are also extreme scenarios: central command practiced dealing with a continuation of the structure

תרגיל הריסת המבנים כחלק מנוהל התמודדות עם חמוש מתבצר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Preparation focused on engineering capabilities of demolishing the building, part of a complex procedure frequently matorgel to ensure preparedness for extreme emergencies

תאריך: 20/03/2013, 10:14    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

How the IDF deal with extreme cases
A continuation of armed structure? As part of the preparation that consists of such events held this month for training engineering forces of the Judea and Samaria Division course designed to prepare troops for exceptional scenarios depending on the latest development in the sector, as this is the specific indispensable occupies on the engineering of the structure.

Are also extreme scenarios: central command practiced dealing with a continuation of the structure

The procedure that is combat engineering technique used for demolishing a building after a bomber penetrates and refuge. The demolition is carried out after a series of escalating steps, starting from the knock on the door, through the breeze and firing at the walls until the procedure himself, told חטמ”ר ‘s Engineering Officer, Captain Uriel Gerber. “If we reach an extreme situation, and we have to get the bomber or bring down the structure, use the technique that we practice here.” Captain
Uriel said that “in order to reach high professional level, we need to have every
Once conferences “.

“The engineering troops are working around the clock”

The current study included theoretical lessons in the subject of engineering and tools, including loaders and bulldozers, were in their capabilities and technical data. Then, went to the field and practice ‘ for real ‘-abandoned space in the Jerusalem area with several buildings, which were given approval to demolish hatm, engineering troops and destroyed the buildings according to the procedure. “We have witnessed recently some warming in Judea and Samaria. Courses
Of this type in the past, but at present we are particularly important to be prepared for a scenario “, said divisional Engineering Officer.

Are also extreme scenarios: central command practiced dealing with a continuation of the structure

“Central command conducted a time extreme scenarios, and as part of this also brigades engineering forces. The existence of such training in current security reality has importance. Said Captain Gerber. “In addition to these preparations, we are working every day to protect the camps and soldiers in order to cope with the disorders. Ultimately, our role as an engineering force is to arrive first at the beginning of each event in order to prepare, through the evacuation of axis motor
And positions. We stay on the scene long after the event to make the arena boards,
Burnt tires and vehicles, in order to restore peace to the country. “

Captain Garber noted that the work of the engineering forces moving round the clock every day and night, and that “in front of every space we estimate that could evolve in which event, we work to make the space so to protect the troops as much as possible, but also allow after lifestyle broadband on both sides.”

Translated from Hebrew