Armor revolution: no longer just “tank Corps”

טנק “מרכבה 4”. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

As part of the adjustment to changes on the battlefield, armored brigades to build companies
Help of specials. Within the course are using obsolete tanks. קשנ”ר:” armor continues to lead the decisive war. “

תאריך: 24/10/2013, 09:30    
מחבר: יהונתן שר, מז”י ושחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


The armored Corps is facing a revolution: with the understanding that the time when enemy armies will dioozies to browse the home territory, the GoC army headquarters concluded that
Spanish tank battalions in the current product does not constitute the ultimate solution against
Contemporary challenges. Consequently, the armored Corps to establish any company battalion helps combat capabilities with innovative techniques and ash collection. The goal: build a strong armor battalion, which combines infantry unprecedented capabilities.

Armored battalion in the new format will consist of two tank battalions and one company of army reservists, in addition to the live company that includes three new specialized departments – sightseeing, observation and mortars. Already in November soon will
Some armored mtagiisi jobs in the departments, and a Trebuchets, the company developed to frame rovai 05 runway over eight months in shzippon.

The move came against the backdrop of budget cuts. Armored Corps decided to axe the cuts can also be used to sharpen the blade. Within the course are using old tank systems. “This is exactly the opportunity to implement the new program,” explained קשנ”ר (Chief armour officer) Brigadier General, olansky Samuel, when asked about the rumors about closing reserve units. “Old Navy pulls put in place many new. The use of obsolete tanks values is done move after many discussions and simulations, and is designed to prepare simultaneously for combat support value.

Armor revolution: no longer just “tank Corps”

The changes these far-reaching go come mainly due to changes on the battlefield. “Companies
That are command and control measures of progress to help them to carry messages faster and the tanks for enemy targets, “explained Maj. Leo Berger, 188 Division agenda, which will be the first to begin to get live” this change was made in light of the challenges and areas. There is no tank battles against tanks on bare Hill. The new forces can aim between village tank battalion
Or a jungle according to our needs. We chose the best people to lead this move becomes more independent armor and give him the skills he will need.

The chief officer concludes saying that “the battle will be oriented brigades to contemporary challenges, with powerful capabilities for collecting and fire smart. Like whenever it is necessary to decide the war, land maneuver is the one to do it, and on the Mainland will maneuver
As always, the armored Corps.

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