Armored Corps fighting in the belly: “stigamt shrionerim qualified as living”

The 7th armored brigade of armored Corps value changes in the training system to raise the level of combat fitness of warriors: the stigma of sitting in a tank no longer exists. “

תאריך: 10/03/2013, 19:42    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

For recruiting March of armored Corps to be held next week, the 7th armored brigade decided to end the stigma of the shrionerim everything about combat and fitness makeovers from the perception of commanders and fighters, to changes in the method of shrionerim training, long out of the tank.

“The armored Corps and 7th Division aren’t what they used to be,” says physical training officer.
7th Armored Brigade, Lieutenant Venus Goldberg, “we have armored battalions fitness level higher than many live. The stigma of sitting in a tank no longer exists, and the 7th armored brigade proved that. We process and we keep it all the time. “

IDF Championship-results

IDF last championship, 7th Armored Brigade to prove its greatest warriors infantry level for all intents and purposes. The Championship is held once a year and usually warring divisions begin to train a month nbachrotiham. The Division decided to accelerate before training, training command of WinGate prior to regimental command general Championship. The shrionerim, who benefited from it,
The Championship in third place overall among all divisions, and for the first time in the history of Armor Division Championship won a large number of trophies. “There is a revolution in the visual perception of the commanders and soldiers regarding combat fitness. The tmano
Culture of fitness in middle school and did the job. Physical fitness training coming in at every opportunity, “added the קא”גית Division.

There is no doubt that the 7th armored brigade with regard to these changes, and physical, is the Division during the past year in advanced transformation also operational training.
“Actually we changed our focus and the way we practice in automated libraries. We are in training, staff level class to level of Division, methods, exercises and other areas. “The process is very important and affect many units,” said Brigade Commander Colonel Ian faith.

Translated from Hebrew