Armored Division managed to get out of the mud

צילומים: יסמין דר, צלמת אט”ל

Designed “Saar Golan” regimental drill weekend held in preparation for fighting in. During the exercise, “hand on” sabotaged tanks, you unexpectedly returned by warriors to correctness and real-time activity

תאריך: 16/03/2012, 11:58    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, כתב אט”ל

The escalation in the South, had designed this week “Golan” armoured assault exercise in regimental size, green landscapes of the Golan Heights.

After a week and a half of strenuous training in preparation for the exercise, finally made to exercise all its powers. However, the exercise opened unexpected surprise: armored troops and armament were supposed to move with the armored vehicles of the regiment throughout the level during the exercise, found that most tools are disabled: disconnected from tank engines place;
Various systems in tanks, and found the fuel pumped; Some of the tanks found larvae hatch, the iron tank tracks capable of moving along the rough terrain, were dismantled entirely. As shbzachl one shacholia 30 squads and weighs at least 15 pounds, ordnance personnel need to discover creativity in order to return it to its place in the tank. “When we got to the place to begin the exercise, we have disabled all the tanks,” said mm cartoons “battalion.
Of the Division, Capt. Jonathan levy. “We talked to, and he told us to return them to health as soon as possible, this is not a simple task.

Armored Division managed to get out of the mud

The regiment’s soldiers have encountered glitches which are designed “Kismet: volcano,” Posh’s Division, is initiated by the glitches. The Division’s soldiers and other troops in armored divisions deployed troops and caused only. Reason: to simulate “real” mode, where most of the armored vehicles of the pair to a transaction element drank alcohol.
“This is the first time that an entire Division” fascinating, logistics officer of the Division, Lieutenant Colonel Eran Lapid. “Such a State of erosion is a condition that can happen and does happen during combat. In this Act we actually practice professionals to restore the vehicle. Ultimately, this will be their work in real mode.

Troops worked in conjunction with the bind of the Division’s logistics, said the missing parts and containers. The armored vehicles returned to running and what the Division officers define כ”הצלחה Beckett” logistics, consecutive divisional exercise omshcha.

The exercise training ammunition himself. During the exercise, the forces practiced in Northern attack and then martial status seemed in enemy territory. The training was attended by many forces Army: after questions were left, “regiments” Lance ו”געש” goat “for movement on the front. Before moving “Blade” battalion of combat engineering, command of the Division, which cleared the way for Axis powers fought. Batteries of self-propelled artillery regiments “Tiger” מ”עוצבת” ו”קרן Heights” festooning the shooting artiliria forces.
“In addition to the magnitude of the forces here, with training and ammunition”,
Explained the Commander “Col. Yaron Golan, decorated Formosa. “For example, you can see the batteries, using different types of artillery ammunition. Smooth and seamless assistance.
The haze in smoke “. Infantry battalion, armored brigade Member, made ground maneuvering instead. In addition to fire the animal practiced also the logistics – logistics and armament personnel maintain competence and powers them up, and medical personnel treated ב”פצועים during the exercise.

Instead of any substantial cooperation with the air force. During training ammunition provide cover from warplanes. Throughout the week of practice forces carried out several training of evictions carried out heated and instead practice “provisions in 669. “The air force is an integral part of the exercise, when toamano actions against the forces of warriors and infusing that baogda. The force’s actions during the exercise, do not, and describes where the exercise is relatively narrow for such database. But thanks to planning ahead
We make sure everything is done smoothly, according to the safety procedures, “explained Lieutenant Colonel, Chief of staff exercises in cooperation with the air force.

Many senior IDF Echelon command discovered an interest in coaching. Champions and champions of all arms and troops visited the place and watch the events on the ground. Among them were Deputy Chief Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh; Northern command Commander Gen. Yair Golan; The Wing Commander Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman; And new technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak. “We don’t ignore the situation in the South, but now we have to show that the IDF is not deterred and continues to operate as usual,” noted the Chief Logistics Officer, Brig. Gen. Jamal Ghanem, who visited in the exercise.

Translated from Hebrew