Armored training Brigade: kriithi “reserve” used to fighting in built-up area

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The extensive training tankists completed focusing on describing. The Chief Officer: “the balance and continue to practice.”

תאריך: 29/07/2013, 16:15    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חיל השריון

The sound of shells from tanks cannons Merkava Mark 4 swipe the dead of night and welcome. With skill and agility, armored brigade fighters established the reserve Brigade “kriithi”, locate the targets. Shooting rather than overshooting.

“Kriithi Brigade” was established during the war of independence and it carries an impressive history and Paz for over 65 years. The Division is designed to combat the practice, and outline the different elements for this website. “We are preparing to fight in the North, and outlines current practice training all combat classes built-something that used to be,” explained to the IDF website, Division Commander Colonel Yair walenski.

Armored training Brigade: kriithi “reserve” used to fighting in built-up area

The current reality, the “kriithi” to keep the service operational.  “The reserve Division with weapons very advanced and very high capacities, and therefore I think the Division operated in any situation. We understand the extent of the responsibilities, and maintaining a service to command, “said Colonel walenski.

Regimental training lasts all month when every week trained another Regiment Regiment
Despite the cuts in the reserve training, the main objective of maintaining fitness
Persists. “We have to see how they make the most of the resources and time works best,” said the IDF site call armor officer, Brig. Gen. Samuel olansky. ”
This era is the balance and will continue this practice, “he added.

With Israel in war – the war of independence and the Yom Kippur war, tankists looking forward. “This is our chance to keep them. In this exercise we tried to maximize the use of resources, “said Colonel vilensky and added that” it is also one of the reasons we put ourselves to a very high standard, and stood at most destinations.

The operational activities of the Division is performed, using the most advanced tanks that are in possession of. “the importance of maintaining indoor high qualifications
Especially the Division and that it operates more advanced tanks, said Colonel vilensky and stressed that “there will be more training in the future that this commitment operational brigade”.

Armored training Brigade: kriithi “reserve” used to fighting in built-up area

This is one of the many training division in the last nine months, when the previous training in the Galilee were focused on fighting in the North, while describing the current emphasis was on shooting practice. Alongside the operational needs, the focus in the wet is designed to contribute to the sense of security of the Warriors, as the common law applies – the person who btank WINS. “There is a feeling of importance to training the personnel, their faith in volume activation capabilities and experience in wet,” said Brigadier General, olansky “Eventually the regiment leaves home in a high level of service and command – he’s ready for the job,” concluded.

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