Armored warriors practiced tank fighting in built-up area

The operations in Gaza Division operational employment practice targeted at fighting in built-up area – on the articles

תאריך: 12/04/2012, 16:21    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Armor of warriors trained in latest Gaza Division training simulating rare
Tanks fighting in a built-up area. Describes fighting practiced in training camp and that targeted Greece trained troops on Humvees and tanks, but this is a unique training until
So take part in censuses only.

“We practice to prepare for war, and such a practice is an important part of our your eligibility in Gaza,” said the Commander of one of the companies that took part in the training, Captain create herlev.
“Combat training area generally difficult to do because there are not many suitable as enclosures in the targeted logging with tanks.”

“I generally think that fighting in a built-up area is suitable for the infantry, but all strength infantry armor force always joins in the fighting like that,” the IDF website, the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dudu sungu. “We are trying to demonstrate to commanders and soldiers with threats they must cope: the threat of anti-tank missiles, grenades, IEDs and in this also the threat of abduction,” he said. He said the same operational battalion is currently in Gaza is the most significant and challenging, and requires them to practice fighting in a built-up area.

The main enemy facing them was the sand-storm raged across the country, and girls.
It was hard to open their targeted. When the vehicle moved towards the target cut was impossible to differentiate between the clouds of sand raised to between those who created the spirit. Sensitive nature that war and added to trees tend to fall. A lot of wind.

As Greece it on your tank armor and emulated the real durability.
Weather conditions, of any kind, do not affect the tanks. The sand knocked on sides of tool
The vehicle and tried to tip them sideways, like threatening enemies could not ours.

“The enemy is 360 degrees around you. This isn’t an option there is an enemy. It’s a necessity. Our threat. Up the tallest buildings reveal us downstairs – tunnels. 360 degrees, “concluded the Mag from soldier, Sergeant insaz bar, explained that” the idea is to simulate a case entering Gaza, the area is constructed, one on one. We need
To know how to get in, how to keep the troops and fired on our forces, and how to work with the infantry.

Translated from Hebrew