Army Green: efficiency in water consumption, gas and electricity in

Long program “the IDF maintains” gives left its mark in a variety of efficiency measures. 30 year IDF deprivation in water consumption and over 18% in fuel consumption

תאריך: 28/06/2012, 12:24    
מחבר: הללי יצחק ואלעד לביא, אט”ל

As part of the IDF adopted environmental trend, the past year was characterized by an accelerated environmental legislation procedures from government officials (Ministry of environmental protection, police
Green, the State Comptroller’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office, etc.) along with the increasing pressure of media and organizations.

The annual IDF Rabbi program “keeps” implemented the first year, with the emphasis on basic commands and possible procedures, implementing environmental protection aspects of training and qualifications in the IDF, creating the infrastructure required to implement the Executive plan along with difficulties in recruiting budgets approved in the program. “Orders from the military approach,” explained head
The environmental protection administration, Lieutenant Colonel Eli Paz. “We produce here a different culture, and our safety review the existence and continuity.

The significant environmental consequences to the army rules, which entered into force from 2011, granted the environmental protection administration in power slowly to enforce green policy alongside clinging to national programme and rules designed to limit the IDF policy “prodigal Slayer?” “Environmental protection” in which defines the authority and responsibility in the field of environmental protection, the command is currently authorisation Matkal, in addition
Banker אט”ל” environmental protection management in Israel-IDF rule guideline on how to manage environmental protection ranks bottom unit and Committee rules, and provides practical tools for managing field commanders, which published a guideline for the management of environmental protection in
For commanders.

As part of those laws and policies, the main goals achieved in various fields over the past year. As a result the prevention of asbestos products, Puno 83000 m2 of building products
The IDF made asbestos and camps, from 113000 square meters which are mapped.
The treatment is done in full coordination with the Ministry of environmental protection. Formulated oil terminals handling concept
And administrative infrastructure-oriented for handling asbestos, mchlli רק”ם vehicles and generators in full coordination with the Ministry of environmental protection.

In the assigned, 20 million to connect to store sewage. These six days the store connect to sewers, 16 are in design shop to shop and three are currently being negotiated with local authorities. Another work camp opposite the Ministry headquarters. In addition opens tender for wastewater monitoring all IDF units. “we made a survey in four camps by 173 civil societies that iiperto how to connect the sewer and camp it takes around,” said the head of the environmental protection administration, Lieutenant Colonel. “34 air force camps made them connect survey in addition to another 16 who are planning camps such as Beit Lid, julis, camp, camp opens and more.

On the subject of energy conservation that has given priority to the principal, made many changes. The IDF has acquired advanced systems for energy savings and reduce use of polluting fuels. For example, solar water heating systems, energy controllers study classes, replacing light bulbs by the bulbs, replacement air conditioners to advanced modern standard air conditioners, and water-saving accessories. in these days carries a staff work all צה”לית work plan for efficiency in the field of electricity, water and coal.

The IDF has resulted in savings of about 30% of its total water consumption. Also using electricity wisely achieved savings of 1% on your electric bill by the military construction by arms, update commands in the subject alongside education.
Within the project “responsibility” the passengers about 40% savings of fuel consumption.

Translated from Hebrew