Arrested for shooting operations IDF force in Ramallah

In an attack against IDF force last January, in which there were no casualties, involving employees of the Red Crescent in Ramallah

תאריך: 02/04/2012, 14:35    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A joint activity of the General Security Service and the IDF, arrested in recent weeks, the shooting at the IDF force at the Am’ari refugee camp, Ramallah district. In the attack, which took place on 20 January 2012, no casualties but damage to one of
The vehicle in which the force, involving employees of Red Crescent in Ramallah, the Palestinian Olympic team in football.

The weapon, a Kalashnikov type, used for the attack were the hazards officer
General ב”מודיעין”, used by the guards in charge of the Red ב”סהר.

13 active residents of the refugee camp were arrested for investigation of Amari and the interrogation provided valuable information on the extensive riots towards the security fence and IDF forces.

The main involved shooting-related are:

Salah in ral, born in 1989, working as resident ב”סהר Amari”.

Omar Abu if, 1989, resident, identified Hamas Amari works the Red ב”סהר in Ramallah, serves as an Olympic team goalie in soccer.

Fouad ע’ושה, born in 1989, resident Am’ari, Barber (arrest by Palestinian security forces).

Ahmed Khatab, born in 1989, working as resident ב”סהר Amari”.

Abbas, born 1971 monastery, Amari, a resident Officer General ב”מודיעין” in Ramallah, in charge of the guards the Red ב”סהר is a dealer of weaponry.

Interrogation of the detainees has revealed that the attack was carried out in ral Omar Abu Sallah and Royce, with 2 Kalashnikov type weapons, obtained from Abu Royce Abbas monastery, about a month and a half before the attack. Fuad ע’ושה served as a lookout during the attack.
The attack left the shooters in an abandoned house and planned to move the next day to a new hiding place. Below if the message ‘ Omar Abu, in case, Ahmad Hattab, who later arrested the Abbot if abiram back to Abbas.
The detainees have raised additional plans to commit suicide shooting at IDF forces, inter alia, ‘ atara checkpoint, Geva, Atarot checkpoint, and Ma’ale Adumim, Ofra and in Nablus. Did
Work of these designs failed due to the arrest of those involved.

Translated from Hebrew