Arrival to Nepal to establish such a Commando Brigade was our anniversary in

דובר צה”ל

Commando Brigade in central command, northern command new rocket battalion involved in the southern command and a huge delegation to Nepal on behalf of the home front command that seemed a small part in significant events this year.

תאריך: 31/12/2015, 20:00    
מחבר: גילי קופר, אתר צה”ל

The establishment of the commando “Oz”, a new rocket and artillery battalion involved in 2015: enough to advance technologically and operationally, to replace רמטכ”ל and organizational changes. All this for one objective – defending the State of Israel in an efficient manner. It seemed significant events over the past year in the four commands:

Central command: no more walnut, cherry, pomegranate, and Magellan. The Commando Brigade-“Oz”

Four special units consolidated under one Division and one control, according to the Chief, Lieutenant General Gadi eisencott last July as part of an annual “Rabbi Gideon.” “Don’t need a broad and strategic intelligence to understand the sensitivity of the period,” said Chief of the construction division. “The wind from Lebanon, threats of דאע”ש from Syria and controls Iraq, the escalation that we deal with in months in the West Bank and South all those threats requires more than ever the ability is here in this small space-Commando Brigade of the IDF.

Arrival to Nepal to establish such a Commando Brigade was our anniversary in

The Division used as Lookout and be ready at all times to carry out its mission with the command. The Division Commander Colonel David Zini, his first officer of central command’s agenda and a control unit. The unit badge carries many elements implicating mission – the sword of seals, the pressures on teachers and sea warriors and badge colors-black and white as a sign that no dedicated sector lachtiba and she will work wherever required.

Southern command: battalion involved Tuesday in rose and placed in the West region

Last July stood in the excited in the tailoring and new recruits to the regiment. The decision to set up came in the wake of rising continuously girls ‘ motivation to serve in combat roles. Currently, the company is composed of one battalion, and in June soon to place additional battalions. “It’s very exciting. Not many soldiers out to be first and be part of something new, “says the Deputy Commander of the 1st Battalion of the Regiment, Lieutenant Israel Rosenfeld.

Arrival to Nepal to establish such a Commando Brigade was our anniversary in

“It is not easy to start building something from scratch, but we’re getting closer to the day when we, when we become officially troop Deputy Rosenfeld, who began his military service in the Nahal Brigade” at the beginning it was a little weird to you guys, but I know of no mission that will not fill a battalion “.

Northern command: Lance missile embedded in 282 bundle of artillery corps

Innovative weapons the Lance rocket, embedded in the Thunder battalion of 282 in the north bound: as part of the lessons of Lebanon 2, it was decided to use the IDF means that meets fire and targeted such nuisances or team building. “We realized we need fire and deadly fighting said from Thunder, Lieutenant Colonel Dudi gattegno. “Neutralize enemy capabilities is ה’רומח in. She joined another rocket designed for use in open areas. The Thunder is the only power that uses it in Israel.

Arrival to Nepal to establish such a Commando Brigade was our anniversary in

He said the process of the rocket began in late 2001, and February 2015 gets endorsement training battalion first shibeta. “The world is a different content from what I knew until now. Both the soldiers and commanders had to learn new things and develop new operating concept, “Meg continued” rocket provided critical capabilities on the battlefield of today. There is a need for precision weapons that eventually would be the following characterizes “. Regarding next year’s goals do not Lieutenant Gaetano no doubt. “We enter into the landing slated for 2016 with us over the last year — should maintain and be prepared to command every time.”

Front command: delegation to Nepal

“When we started the bus en route from the airport, all I saw was destroyed,” recalls Deputy company commander in the battalion advance is settled, Lieutenant Yoav Sasson. He was the son of the few regular fighters to join the delegation, about 210 people, all to help residents of Nepal after the ground shook beneath them in last April.

Arrival to Nepal to establish such a Commando Brigade was our anniversary in

“What I took from that experience is the knowledge that we don’t for Exchange only to give”, explains Lieutenant. “People come out of their homes across the world to help. See the gratitude of residents there eyes “.

He said that this type of event is a record for each extract, and is in no hurry to wish other warriors like experience. “Of course it would be better to reduce such events, however if they happen on every Warrior should give everything until the end.”

Translated from Hebrew