Artillery corps implements new data movement system meteorologists

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Weather is a critical battlefield for artillery fire on to the father and to run the observation balloons of the combat collection

תאריך: 13/01/2012, 13:24    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

“Wearing a raincoat” is probably the most significant instruction that can make the average person’s weather data, but for many the army values, meteorology can dictate more actions are life and death. The meteorology of new spatial artillery corps, which begins in the near future for the operational trials in the fall, will revolutionize the field of providing necessary data for temperature, humidity, wind blowing and the air pressure to soldiering.

The Gunners need them for accurate shooting, the father has to know there is no lethal spirit cheeks in damaged areas, chemical or nuclear weapons, and combat intelligence collection Corps needed for operation of the sophisticated observation balloons, but until today the pinpointing and meteorology of the Corps was unable to transfer data efficiently to the various factors that need them. Also considered was the array of expensive and inefficient to blow balloons frequently for collapsed data, only to lose the balloons. The new system is supposed to change it from one end to the other.

“If there was a need to blow the balloon every several hours to get a range of several dozen kilometres, now with the new system, it is possible to pick one balloon per day and receive data much more broad,” explains Capt. Hannie Swisa site IDF Chief location battery and Meteorology in the artillery corps. She said the new system streamlines and Mozilla
In the task “. The new array will provide efficient data arrays mentioned above as well as to the aircraft manned a growing artillery corps.

Another part of the upgrade of the meteorology is that Dino fighters the balloons have an on-site weather new course full, while meteorological education of warriors in the was. Furthermore, as part of the vision sees the meteorology of the necessary information and wide, is connected צי”ד communications array so that the data can move efficiently and smarter about “The difference would be enormous,” summarized
Captain INCE. “After all, nobody can shoot without letting him see amtaurologia.

The upgrade in Amal meteorology is one of the factors that has increased the pinpointing of the artillery is responsible for the radar that Israel’s border locations. In addition to upgrading and promoting value “as a State-of-the-art” volcano continues to evolve, artillery corps checking the reception year option of the LCMR (Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar!), targeting small devices (considering about 50 kg) carried along with the fighters in operational and know where shot on the strength of mortars and identify enemy aircraft flying lower. During operational trials have proven ability in performing devices.

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