Artillery corps school first checks to rocket system

צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Also training base will be in the next few years shibeta, including improving infrastructure. Outgoing artillery officer, Brig. Gen. David Suissa: cloned “has always been and will always be my home, and the artillery corps ‘ engine ‘

תאריך: 15/08/2012, 11:24    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The legendary master of the artillery shibeta changes expected in the next few years that explained the main artillery officer (קתמ”ר), Brigadier General
David Suissa, a special tothanot school field, held last week to mark the end.

Among others, קתמ”ר said that in the coming years is expected to pass a series of fixes
And comprehensive and deep innovations in infrastructure – buildings and air conditioning. “We’re bringing a systemic solution to outdated infrastructure of cloned, ordered Brig. Gen. put the officers in 81 talking about them during the visit. “Revolutionary base set up here to support properly the achievements that brought them”.

Artillery corps school first checks to rocket system

In addition, Commander of the soldier to the exact new rockets constructed these days.
“Spear”, and training solution you need in strange people (tothanot school).
“The first battalion of the new rockets ircom shape more this year, and the target is
Would be first. For this purpose we built the school, also prepare rocket
The MLRS (Multiple launch rocket propulsion system-Rocket system used today-in.) and sitting in shibeta. In addition, the solution had been קתמ”ר to strengthen meteorological shibeta array will and professional forecasters that require new systems will also be constructed in new frames.

“If in the past there was no real connection between cloned and the regiments and units, today all the moves made in training here conclude shape very prominently in arrays that are spread on the ground,” said Brig. Gen. Suissa, “cloned has always been and will always be home, the heart and engine of the artillery corps. קתמ”ר stressed the fact that artillery units and when it intercepts and a preset values and new units:” need to bring the training base, the best people, the most versatile performer who can take what they learn here and take a variety of units.

Translated from Hebrew