Piles of waste found on Machmoret Beach Photo: Iris Arbel

As Beach Season Begins, Report Finds Fewer Clean Coasts
Piles of waste found on Machmoret Beach
Photo: Iris Arbel
The number of beaches deemed clean has gone down since last year. The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) Clean Coast Index for April 2016 has found that only 34% of Israel’s beaches are either clean or very clean. That figure was 61% in April 2015. The news comes as Israelis are preparing for the 2016 beach season, which begins on May 9th.

​The Clean Coast Index is an objective evaluation of the degree of cleanliness at unauthorized Israeli beaches (where swimming is forbidden because there are no lifeguards). It is published every two weeks by the MoEP, throughout the year.

The worst offenders in April were in:

  1. Eilat: The Hevrat Hahashmal Beach, from northern Dekel until the Dead Sea Works pumping station, and the southern Shmura Beach;
  2. Jasr a-Zarka: from Taninim Stream until Ceaseria; and
  3. Gan Raveh.


The cleanest beaches were in:

  1. Bat Yam: from the city until Rishon Lezion;
  2. Ashdod; and
  3. Tel Aviv.


Debris found by MoEP inspectors who assess the beaches includes: garbage, tents, wooden platforms, and bags filled with garbage.

The MoEP calls on Israelis to be especially vigilant over the upcoming Independence Day holiday, and in general. Beach-goers should make sure to collect their garbage, throw out disposable dishes they bring to the beach, and avoid dirtying the shores of Israel. Please note as well that lighting campfires on beaches is against the law.