As of today: a large-scale exercise of the HFC in Tel Aviv

Participants at the forces home front command, Israel, Magen David Adom and shuts down and powers. During the exercise, look in the Tel Aviv area alert

תאריך: 23/07/2013, 17:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The HFC maintains today (Tuesday) a large-scale exercise in Tel Aviv, Israel Police, home front command, shutdown and lifeboat and David.
Ttorgel exercise Division of protective masks to citizens, sirens and evacuation test.
Prescribed exercise as part of their annual training graph and it will last until Thursday.

As part of this exercise will hear tomorrow night, 07, siren in Tel Aviv. It is possible that the siren sound even in communities surrounding the city. As part of the trial sound siren go up and down for about 90 seconds. If real alarm siren will sound more runs thereafter.

When the alarm goes off at the same time “system message” – alarm warning system directly to mobile devices. The system will send an alert to all citizens that reside in the Tel Aviv area.

Wednesday morning will focus on routine basis of Tel Aviv campus security vehicles movement felt in the region. In the evening held an exercise of bizaron population evacuation in Israel and East Jerusalem.

Translated from Hebrew