Asterisk armament

Ordnance Corps inaugurated a new center that will focus on providing prospective information about various service routes. Also can a prospective on the recruitment process

תאריך: 23/01/2013, 17:43    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל ונועם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Education Corps recently inaugurated the “armament” attraction at the main armament officer at Tel Hashomer, intending to address security and service intended for families who are interested in and on runways.

“The initiative was born six weeks ago. We needed to strengthen our relationship with
Designed for the security service, “Moshe haushkl רנ”ג, head of media relations and public relations cell mkachsh the events that had they told us they didn’t know who to turn to
Consulting regarding arms force roles Therefore we decided to open a call center, which will help them.
On the subject “.

Into focus, available in a number of “*” (* 65427) arms, Soloman to be updated about
The various routes in ordnance Corps and with the soldiers can keep up with
Soloman by using messages, which come directly to mobile devices
Of Soloman. So they can keep up with their chic occasions applied, and will custom greeting at major events.

“The strategic move,” praised the main armament officer, Brig. Gen. Zvika Kraus, carrots
The new focus movie. “This will help us to contact, we still don’t know enough about the ordnance Corps. We can all prospective and hope they decide to join our ranks. ” Right now the focus for prospective service provider, but in the future it is planned that will serve both the soldiers already serving in the force. So they can consult on issues such as the length of service.

The next generation of armaments

Meanwhile, the ROTC armament on maintaining contact with the ground. This month, 13-14 students surveyed in school called ORT, the Gaza Division, while shipments of arms of division officer, Lieutenant Colonel tidhar attention. The tour was held within the project “next generation” adopt ordnance Corps officers to various schools to encourage students to join the force. This is a large-scale project implemented in different regions of the country and the students several tours with the officer ש”אימץ” them.
“The target.
The tour is to connect students to the technological service in the Israel Defense Forces and reduce their uncertainty about the military, “the IDF Col. site notice “I decided personally to take part in the project for the third time because I see the value in building the next generation”.
Sergeant Hezi yechezkel,
Directory on behalf of the school, said that “the emphasis is to give them a soft landing as and with as much information. Our goal is to give them the feeling that there
Them who to contact with questions about the army. “
During the tour, visited the students at FSU, where were peering work of ttzpithnit and an explanation on the importance of working together without armaments, not the situation. Also, the Eagle battalion students heard from ordnance officer of the regiment of them sophisticated devices are responsible for himoshnikim and gave them the message that these measures work thanks to our people who verify that the equipment works best.

Translated from Hebrew