Augmented reality and porpoise: the intelligence-based warfare takes momentum

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Senior intelligence, teleprocessing and held joint training on the topic of perception of the IDF intelligence head “gave reality merges with intelligence information transferred through Commander reflects”

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

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Real-time intelligence for the scale-space: the concept of intelligence-based warfare
(FIV) catch and provide momentum, intelligence chiefs regiments, companies
And departments, and thus lead to greater operational effectiveness.

The concept of the new IDF intelligence is developing teleprocessing and Intelligence Division, held for the first time joint training which discussed the present present is not weapons or project, but rather a new concept for all it entails: bringing intelligence who has what to do with it, “said head, Gen. Aviv kochavi charge.
“Bring more intelligence is just the goal for us is to improve the combat effectiveness by land, air and sea,” he added.

According to planetary champion, intelligence will go up by wider use of command and control systems (f) on the Warrior. “The systems in the regiments became Amal everyone should know how to operate. Just as the NRA knows Mag where they use, they need to know in depth the systems, “explained gave head.
“Our final vision is to achieve a State of ‘ Google ‘ the glass from or from
Get Communicator intelligence on cell surface and reality blend with the intelligence information pumped them reflecting “, noted.

To get the right information to the right person.

“We’re moving from the era of pushing information to the age of information,” said the head of ICT trainees, Chief Uzi Moskowitz. “Each citizen consumes what information he wants. In the army there, and information security classification, but the present change the perception of top information through the funnel to taking the information you have, “he explained.
In this sense, the present is the “Web 2.0” of the IDF – the space operations becomes a passive consumer of intelligence information he provided to the switch of the relevant information which, through advanced ICT systems.

Beyond discussions, included practical parts too advanced for the action – the officers and divisional intelligence, which practiced the use of intelligence and computing systems. “Our information systems will have to undergo changes to adjust themselves to provide
Bummer, the IDF head site and Service Directorate training, Lt.-Col. s.. “It’s not wise to introduce Meg sightings space intelligence coming to it from hamtch and the command. Has nothing to do with so much information, and it doesn’t promote it on the street or in the country where it needs to act. The challenge for us is to get the right information to the right person, “he concluded.

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