On the occasion of the independence day of Israel 68 ceremony awarding degrees. The District Commander: ‘ we are prepared for all the independence day events
(I) conducted the ceremony honors mcetini and Tel Aviv District to mark the independence day 68
Of the State of Israel.

The ceremony.
Class is held in Tel Aviv District Commander major General Moshe Edri, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Rabbi Israel
Law, mayors, notables and religious notables, senior Tel Aviv District
The speakers, County officers and outstanding police officers and their families.

The ceremony gave the District Chief and police officers selected outstanding after working professionally,
Striving for excellence and contributed to the strengthening of Israel Police while they are an example to their peers.

In his words
Specify the County Commander: “the staircase represents the units, the various units
And the units. Chosen for its investment of time and energy at work, streamlining processes, caring
Working on the family and personal time. Each and every one of you a symbol of devotion and empathy
The police and district goals.

And on the occasion of independence day, the District Chief added: the State of Israel is a strong country blooms
Advanced in all fields of endeavor, which embraces her sons who fell for Martha and we as police are ordered to continue
And to preserve democracy and the strength and the moral values of the country. We are a part of
Many good events, where hordes of Israel came home to celebrate the independence of our country. We as a province Tel
Spring, border fighters, commanders and volunteers will be in all cases to ensure
The security, order and motion in order that everyone could celebrate and back safely and securely from events
These “.

Translated from Hebrew