Back to school: combat brigades commanders encourage students to significant service

צילום: דובר צה”ל

GoC army presents: new project in which all the brigades commanders combat troops about their jobs for high school students and encourage them to. “It’s important for me to let you know that every soldier and every control is important and significant bolt in the system,” said one of the students

תאריך: 11/01/2016, 12:10    
מחבר: נועה וולמן, אתר צה”ל

The 2016 as 150 combat brigades commanders opened in high schools across the country. Not as students, but faculty trying to explain why young generation think preparing for combat and mobilization that will choose the most significant service.

״אנחנו know that lacks quality youth who wants to serve, but lacks motivation Part 1A. Usually this is due to ignorance: kids don’t always understand why is so important to enlist the “warfare, the head of fundraising encouragement major Amy gadassi.

The project initiated by the branch personnel in the wing, and will expose many students to diverse roles them can fill, and encourage them to recruit. “I don’t want to share my stories with them, just מ’צוק ‘, says the Commander of an armored brigade, Captain yaeli Kornfeld to students.” Important to me know first of all every soldier and every control is important and significant in the killing. I suggest interested, asking questions and researching on the Internet about the various forces to find the place to get the best of you, “he continued. “In years to serve in the army, you meet yourself amazing abilities, whether it’s lifting a 40-pound mortar made casts and to put the needs of the members before your needs.”

“Most students don’t know the connection between the actions of the IDF that they have heard about them in the media and a certain force as artillery or armor,” added Captain gadassi. “They don’t know what reg do in practice, and no significance falls from the Golani soldier or paratroopers. The exposure is the overarching goal of the programme – when more information about the various forces have even higher desire to enlist.

Translated from Hebrew