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הללה טל בבסיס תל נוף. צילום: חיל האוויר

A la Tal, the Medic to fighter combat Givati Brigade during the war of independence, back to basics it lost the closest friends.

תאריך: 09/04/2012, 16:34    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

During the war of independence was a la Tal Tel NOF base for two weeks, while a blockade as a combat medic 52 battalion in the Givati Brigade’s. This month, 64 years later, Tal the first to base it lost her closest friends.

“After the decision of the United Nations in 1947, the Jewish Agency bought all the British military camps, including Tel NOF airbase. Here the contract said chshabritim out we went.
They were waiting in two armored vehicles at the entrance to the base, we saw them leave without
To look back, “said Tal to IDF website she describes how” suddenly received a message that the enemy is approaching and is planning to enter the base, and entered. The problem was that British tanks damaged and destroyed the clinic, and I, as a paramedic, I had to take to the streets under fire to get supplies to save lives. “

Tal, now 85, before the war a scholarship to study art and fashion in the United States.
Her father was responsible for recruiting soldiers for protection, and because she has no brothers, was
Obligated to join. The image which brought her as a souvenir to the base, dozens of young fighters, including Tal. “One day we were driving in an armored vehicle toward the streets. There was a rumor that the enemy on the way and fights a battle, so they decided to take me.
When they reached the junction shashar Tel NOF airbase, the enemy was stubborn and difficult battle, which killed all
Who you see here in the photo. Besides me, “she says.

Tal fought as part of the Regiment in the war, but the only basis Tel NOF is not visited since. So when encountered Maj. Gen. Yohanan loker, who arrived at her vineyard in karmei Yosef to buy wine, told him the story and it had promised her she comes to visit. “I feel like all my friends who are dead, go here with me today,” she said.

Tal, who was the only woman among a dozen men who had been with the company, seeing some guys to war since it ended. For that special day, biz, for Tal, two warriors and veterans who fought. “She saved my life,” said former Warrior, Saadia gispan: “she took care of me when I was wounded in the fighting.

Along with air force Museum curator, father Moses-staff, moved the three between the renewed buildings, trying to pinpoint them souvenirs. They got to see the guns of World War I now serve as planters and entered the aircraft, plane hangars which are still
Who stand in place of the British. “It was a privilege to participate in the war and it was the most formative experience I’ve had in life,” said Tal. Deputy Commander, Lieutenant Colonel droplet, contact Tal and said “I’m glad you got to see how where you defended him today and wanted to thank you and tell you.”

Translated from Hebrew