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דובר צה”ל

For the first time in medicine: Medical Reserve track opened before the settlement yeshiva • upon completion of medical school doctors begin a five-year military service • track will begin next year at a meeting in Petah Tikva

תאריך: 12/08/2008, 23:56    
מחבר: ענבל נוי

Starting next year will the yeshiva in arrangement track medical reserve to serve in the graduation of doctors in demanding military, that is determined by the medical officer.

The route is a settlement five years during which the Conference members serve for a year and a half and then undergo another four and a half years of religious studies. So far unable
Was to combine the ‘ route to the medical and religious young reserve many found themselves debating whether to waive a course on religious studies for the benefit of the reserve or walk on arrangement and the desire to serve as doctors in the military.

The new route is opened for the first time in hesder Petach Tikva, initially focusing on religious studies, which included unique classes in Torah ethics issue in medicine. In parallel to a meeting of the possibility given to students studying for SATS and matriculation classes are required depending on the different faculties in medicine. During
Years of medical studies, the students are in contact with and perform military courses such as boot camp and OCs Immediately after graduation, the fresh start of a five-year service in the military. After a year and a half of the doctor’s role to choose whether to return for another six months of religious studies.

The plan introduced in main, among them Rabbi Yuval cherlow who was until
Last week, Director, Colonel (Ret.) Micky Rosenberg, who served in the past as an Assistant Chief Medical Officer. “There is a shortage of doctors in the military and in very high quality population settlement of students who see value in medicine and a way of life,” Rosenberg the source to this initiative.


Translated from Hebrew