Battalion combat a new collection: “us terrorism” persistent warfare

Lieutenant Colonel Erez Senecio, battalion commander “with” established this week, noted that the activities will help prevent destructive and criminal attempts the western border.

תאריך: 21/03/2012, 11:07    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

A new battalion of combat intelligence collection Corps Regiment, “with”, released this week. Dedicated to the Chinese region and collect intelligence and alerts against terrorist events in the region. Its Foundation came from directly modifying the situation on the western border.

“Before us there is a persistent war against terrorism, guerrilla warfare and southern borders in order to protect Israel and its people”, opened the new battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Erez. “The battalion is part of the replies to the operational challenges and that the enemy is and. Our goal is to find and help prevent any attempt of terrorism is hostile or criminal bounds, “explained later on the site.” we now have much greater operational effectiveness and mission accomplished in the best there is, “he added.

Battalion “with” established in 80th in the area. The regiment consists of soldiers and airmen who were so far Gaza Division, administrative, and operational needs it was decided to create a company recognize battalion into the sector and must split them between Gaza and the rest of the South. The regiment consists of all combat forces Regiment property collection: Warriors, ttzpithnit, operations and administration associated with him now the fighters collecting company.
The unit is in full defense and spread along the border. With the establishment of the Israel-Egypt border fence ensures wide coverage of Chinese area to prevent terrorist incidents.

Commander of the 80th Regiment, subordinate, Brig. Gen. nadav, unadulterated Zit popping another station is to reinforce the country’s border, another stone that allows to handle the changes.

“Last year we experienced a dramatic change in the western border that marks a change in the world. Made many actions in dealing with the potential of terrorism and this is the first major event that represents the strengthening of in South, “Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, noted that” the battalion will continue to power and our power to deal with
New challenges. We are stronger and we can keep on the border of the State of Israel properly. “

Translated from Hebrew