Battalion “sword” practice fighting in built-up area in Northern contours

The Regiment, consisting of mostly Druze soldiers practice urban warfare and defence and raiding a village in Northern diamond. The exercise was also attended by tanks and combat engineering battalions

תאריך: 21/06/2012, 18:29    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Battalion “sword” exists in the regimental exercise upon entering’s role in the new Thunder, Col. tzion. The drill was also attended by Chief Lt. General Benny Gantz, Commander of the northern command, Gen. Yair Golan and 91st Division the General faculty.

The exercise, held in the Golan Heights, a business dealing in, urban warfare,
Defence and raiding enemy village. In addition to shared and combat engineering tank battalions, which seemed
The occupation of the territories of covering forces. During the exercise, took an active part, Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. After watching the exercise, going along with the armed forces Chief and gave orders to commanders.

Apart from day-to-day work in Thunder, and responsibility for the security in Lebanon, the border was designed to be unfit for war at any time. A report in the new Thunder, Col. will score, which went to his new position last week, continued his predecessor’s work in maintaining preparedness for war. “The Division has an important task in-operative but keeping the border security, we must be prepared for war and that we’re different from the rest. We qualified for a job, “said an IDF site designed.

The last major exercise conducted in November, then headed in Thunder Col. Rafi Milo. The “sword”, Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Abu fares, expressed his satisfaction with the functioning of a regiment exercise. In a conversation with the battalion commanders, “said Lieutenant Colonel fares that surprised troops, the exercise was successful.

Translated from Hebrew