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רותם קארו ויצמן

The instructors are working around the clock and in any condition, to ensure
The name Israel remain protected. As required to combine technological know-how with advanced command capability, they understand all their mistake can cost a pretty penny, but high responsibility on
Shoulders. “There are lots of nuts and press” they attest, but extraordinary satisfaction. “

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מחבר: רותם קארו ויצמן

The array requires a specialized skill set.
From the instructors checked which constitute an example of uncompromising professionalism and proves that behind every successful man is a good woman. These instructors are the heart
Of the array. They work around the clock to make sure every soldier and be ready for any possible threat. Dedication, professionalism and values are the values for which they are processed, and the results–in the sky.

“There are three sections: ז”מ (aircraft identification), shooting gallery, and a (weapons)-divided into Barqan, Hawk and aspirin 7 and soon the iron Dome, “explains second lieutenant Gili goldengorn interesting section instructor in the school of (that). “Today there are 35 total vigilance, embedded in a 20 GA.

A guide to the job through the sorts יח”ש training according to qualify them for the job.
It is a special little group which should show impressive abilities: ability training, assertiveness, standing in front of an audience and high intelligence they provided money for the role.

After passing the examinations, the future קמ”ד Guide (a guide) for 10 weeks. About basic training which integrated basic training. After going through about half the officer notified the stones to build on their deposits. “Every generation requires different capabilities, while ז”מ focuses primarily on section prontalis lessons should focus on instruction, simulators, space reduction, is composed with a touch of technology and physics.
Job mentality and character is very different, “explains Gili.

In the end the girls sq the mdorit training. For 14 to 15 weeks from the field expertise at the highest level. In this context they are visit control centers, laboratories and missile batteries, in order to experience and understand the nature of operational activities. This is all done through mentoring, which is used as the answer and direct professional counselors.

“The most important thing to build is the professionalism and value. The work is intensive, from 8 in the morning until the early hours of the morning “, says second lieutenant goldengorn.
To guide the trivial requests, compared with love and the passion of the latter work. “The very positive feedback from the soldiers, all counselors are evaluated as a professional and the results are evident,” she adds proudly.

The coveted role of Alfie-docent-reach those girls who are on good terms with the other girls, initiation and management capabilities, and of course traditions and are ready to invest. As a counselor, clear tasks and the transfer rate over the material.
Required. My role is more I ran for processes and their improvement. It is very satisfying when girls turn to me for help. They also help relax the burden and stress. I always have to check your understanding of the material the girls relay from a professional and educational.

Live area

The instructors are numerous verbs. Many tasks, the human force and mini incessant are major challenges facing them. Naama explains that the way to deal with the problem is to remain calm and plan your time. Although she was moved and a guide service year but she, army role produced new things: “I learned to be more assertive, I know where I’m going with what I do. Now I broke the ability to combine moments of laughter to seriousness, and professionalism.

The instructor is required to handle different situations and with different people in order to meet the goals and ambitions of the array of Department and of the Guide itself. To do this she must stand up for herself, to express itself and to listen and give their best. The Guide to open their senses and devote a lot of attention to their interaction with the warriors. Needs to be done beyond what is necessary to work closely and with some soldiers. “The service is very busy. The level of the different areas that we are tinkering to the fact that also counselors warriors and warriors. The high professionalism, respect, and above all it companies which helps to avoid difficulties, “explains Naama.

CPL. singing instructor, bracken (shoulder-fired missile) guides the Warriors on the ground, where they learn
The heavy weight of missile targets of helicopters and airplanes. “It’s a job.
Trackers, which is very poisonous. Before the draft, I didn’t even have the option to get off the field, I thought I was just a class. This very special regiment all know me and know what I’m doing. I really enjoyed the proximity to the soldiers and I accompanied them throughout their service, “she explained on.

The purpose of the site is the defense sector. As professional capacity
Bigger fighters that also increases deterrence. “It is important that we always make clear to soldiers that they
Combatants for all intents and purposes although the touch technology. We motivate toxicity and entrances to the soldiers in order to produce the best of themselves, “explains Naama.

One of the things that’s very impressive to see as an observer is the incessant racket of text from one place to another according to beautifully designed and up to 100. It seems there’s never a dull moment in the Guide’s day. In order to keep on improving trend held תחק”ש (weekly debriefing) sitting division headquarters and raised in order to get a snapshot of the guide in the training phase.

The two instructors guide classes when the rookie class has more professional distans and guided it as per faculty. Rookie class soldiers
From June to tmktsaim. After they run on batteries about 8 months are undergo additional interceptors professionalization course and level 7. At this time there are fewer but the instructor distans is saved completely. “I need to be able to move.
I’m not here to be a guide and fun love me because I’m a woman.
The Warriors appreciate me because I have a professional, “said zehava.

The study was done in different ways: there are classes, prontalis to image different modes such as radar outage, failure status management in emergency and transition, between the two, and there are acts in which the fighter learns how to position the appliance is working and how to fold in minimum time. The various drills are held throughout
Today, even in the wee hours of the night, which requires a lamp that know and work in every situation.
And even if it means sacrificing her amenities for the benefit of the work.

“The classes are changing all the time like this never abrasion. The acts and imagine they are beautiful things in an extraordinary way, there are lots of nuts and pressure. The professional material is very difficult and only the investment guide to know it, since it runs in the same things as the Warrior profession, is enormous, “she explains.

The oothern-tratn, so-called screens

The instructor is responsible to act on “the apprentice.” Means to prepare a theoretical manner, to observe it while Hackett and compile the information recording.
She finally brings together all the phenomenon, in order to understand how the soldier finally to blast him. “The course we learn how to behave in a cycle of initiation. There are several types of students, including tratn and oothern on the screens.
A guide to learn how to give the answer that corresponds to an apprentice where it encounters and improves with time.
And experience is gaining, “explains and adds that without the new techniques you learned about facing the crowd and the ability to attract attention, will accompany her all my life.

The counselors are full of motivation always has to get the most from your service. The intensity of the role is nothing to them compared to their desire to succeed.
“When I get home I know who contributed and managed. I see results and evaluations of the company is something I can’t do without it. The work gives me much more.
Not wasted, “says without smiling.

“At first I thought it was stressful soldiers didn’t know something about me but that’s why I worry about being professional and coming to class prepared entirely,” says Lotem. Gordon, compiler and guides towards the end of her training, explains: “one of the things we most bright in this course don’t give an answer you aren’t sure. If you encounter something you know concerned immediately to find out. The mistakes are critical. “

Beacon Fellowship

Except that as impressive in their professional, including membership is. Lotem explains that Sir is home and family, and although I was scared of that they only girls she sees real bad. Despite the various promotions and situations where they are when a company needs to blast each other are separating professional and personal know how to handle it and be proud of themselves and other achievements.

“One of the things that is very happy to be educated. Greater responsibility because I’m worried about the four girls every minute and every thing. I leave proud because they succeed and are happy, because they see that investors and they do the best they can, “said zehava.

As an officer, Gili goldengorn is strives to maintain top values in her section.
In her eyes, the girls become value and professionalism even as people and not just women.
For the port Commission is part of Greece, as it was to give orders rather than that she loves with all her heart. “I wanted to go back to the section Commander should have thought about this when I had a hard time in OCs The girls here are amazing and I wanted to surround myself in them, develop them and learn from them, because I love them with all my heart. Now everyone around me is released. I know I make more from leaving, that I support
In a country that I love and that I believe in, “she says.

Gili fought to get Commission, she stuck the goal and that’s what she’s trying to teach the rest of the text: “I want them to remember why they do things, even if not easy.
It is very important for me to be here for them in these moments. Everyone here gives the soul and it’s worth it. “

Translated from Hebrew