Battle of Assaf

תא”ל אלי פולק

Combat intelligence collection officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak, a three-term agreement
Years, against the backdrop of the regional upheaval and technological advances, the threats from the South and the sicholi. Interview

תאריך: 29/06/2012, 18:06    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Combat intelligence collection officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak, reaches the interview an hour after the Seagull’s brigades-the northern command’s collection.
After four nights of intensive observation deep into enemy territory and powers.
Of fire helicopters, artillery and snipers, קאס”ר (combat intelligence collection Officer Chief) sits on the Chair satisfaction in his Office. “If in 2006 there was hesitation whether to insert
The teams gather to Lebanon, today I know I sent them the front commanders. Wherever you will be fighting in the heart of the action, and a significant force multiplier target for whoever did, “States decisively General Polk. During three and a half years, he took a force field, and turned it in the combat intelligence collection. ” He concludes, in a special interview
The IDF website, the priests on duty felt; On the cutting-edge technologies to embedded way, cooperation with the maodkim ever living units and thousands of attempted killings, all decrees that “operation before the camp, alone, day and night.

There were enormous changes in the Middle Eastern country since the appointment of Brig. Gen. Polk. Many of the changes in recent times are a response to the changing reality. “Following the unrest and uncertainty in areas around the State of Israel wants to close its borders. Even peaceful borders or those of combat, like Syria, should be sealed against each scenario, “says Brig. Gen. Polk.
“If the gloomy predictions will come to pass within a few years the force will increase and will retire every boundaries tightly State-from Mount Hermon in the North to Eilat in the South. Quiet areas can become noisy, and for having us. Be everywhere. All the commands are talking to me about it. Understanding the top ranking is the main way to stop
The threats is not set; Fence is an obstacle and the obstacle can be transferred. The solution is just a collection, real-time information to find the threat and frustrate him.

Battle of Assaf

Multiple levels collecting system on the border settings, so that means completing other objectives.
Illustration: Jesse Leo

The same extension of the force and its deployment regrowth has started to happen already this year; Last March the battalion launched a new collection of Chinese troop cut them. ” Now reveals that the first new battalion קאס”ר built out of long-term thinking, respond to one of the scenarios in question today in southern command-t axis. The fear is that after the western sector, tiatam, Tin and infiltrators factors override trying to penetrate Egypt Jordan (so that their infiltration route from Gaza remind on the map the t.). “The new regiment was built with the understanding that it could be the situation in Sector East of the change. We have
Plan in the drawer for a case of entering Israel move to Jordan territory. Given an order, be ready to retire from full collection value in this sector. Battalion “with” can absorb into another extra frames to give a response on the Prairie. ” But before talking about branching the Regiment, already is dealing with hectic activity around “the hourglass”, Egypt border fence built. “We’ve increased the amount of Chinese ttzpithnit in more than one hundred percent. The amount of measures such as increased a hundred percent.
The company operates border women every night. The great task, and you can see
In what several attempts at infiltration are in decline. In less than a year will not only be set every Chinese region name will be closed entirely on collecting “.

Alongside his readiness for the ongoing security scenarios in different sectors, continue to combat intelligence collection Corps working on preparations for the reference scenario – a day. In times of emergency, the task force is based primarily on observations of brigades in the army reserves, are in the field, in real time, in the villages of the line of fire.

“The soldier helping his preparations for emergencies. The weapons, the training, the training-all the ingredients have been very significant, “says the collection officer. “Wherever you will be fighting to be at the heart of the action. We’re practicing for war scenarios and build ourselves, programs are for. Be everywhere. Commanders rely on their skills and understand what they will force multiplier in battle “.

Today there is no control that doesn’t require a pickup in his sector.

Indeed, one of them back and said she קאס”ר deep understanding permeating the army about the importance. Not only the threats changed under Brig. Gen. Polk as the perception within the collection. “Great program, the combat collection catches a very significant place. Have an understanding how important our ability to bring the enemy to prevent attempted and to collect intelligence to serve the IDF at the time. This recognition of our ability to see everything, deep into the ground, and out of the area, led to a real change in the IDF can send less set tours because attzpithnit knew about any attempt to close the line and warriors shouldn’t erode themselves and can focus on other important tasks. Some places could even lead to a decrease in the number of fighters. There is currently no dip, or, or OC-not everyone wants in their pickup, and understand that our presence brings more power and far more “operational capability.

‘ Focus ‘ is a concept that sadly Brig. Gen. Polk for use in connection with the soldier to commanders in the field. “My soldier could tell where in breach had set four years ago. Each regiment comes and goes, but we always remain. We focus and knowledge through numerous measures, each of which covers the torfoth of the other, we’re watching a lot of events. Only in Gaza prevented this year dozens of attempted and entering the right collection capabilities, “says CASS’s” what you won’t see that it’s foggy attzpitanit identify with from, and what is happening deep to identify with the warrior was revealed through the balloon. As we see the report straight to ttzpithnit mm long, and are alerted to the respective forces to operate. This fabric that complement each other. The combination of agile forces, engineering-and collect very tightened in recent years – us fantastically, and this is reflected in the many successes. There is no 100 percent protection and there are mistakes, but we as a professional soldier to take each event and interviewing him and produce the meaningful lessons that lessons produce today will prevent the next event.

Battle of Assaf

Proud of my people.

Among the successes, the quiet ones and auction houses, combat intelligence collection Corps up in headlines recently following the incident that led to the stretch of the array: “ttzpithnit ‘”. Following the event, made extensive changes in soldier terms of service in the medical corps, Brigadier General, but stresses that this is only the first of a series of modifications beginning in ttzpithnit. “We brought a big improvement to ttzpithnit, their unique position did not receive the appropriate response. Today all great soldier on duty comes after seven, and knowing that she leaves home and her job is important and appreciated. But the most significant change for us, “said the CASS.  General situation of folk number ttzpithnit which operated until today, tippler start work also. “The world we ttzpithnit very strong combination of a lot of places. .. will be responsible for the additional measures, covering a larger area Chamber recognizes it and completes the. This means two measures to substitute one and our ability to grow according to be much more significant.

But breaking leap really in a ttzpithnit world trkam in חמ”לי the character Mr. Futurist, that all three commands, as it reveals General Polk Convert (powerful sensor system), start recording the operational year. This is a cute collection of sensational shall assume command on larger space cell system starts with smart and innovative operational capabilities and means of collecting ithell all the operator applied to a single image that will allow to identify a threat when he’s inside the enemy. “It is with a very large number of observation and radar operating in parallel with a very sophisticated management system. It requires a female soldier who admire her very operational decisions and complexity in a very short time.
One of the meanings of the Mr is eliminating the dependence by means of equal substitute. .. alone run lots of channels in parallel. Take the ttzpithnit amount of a significant increase of the ability to pre-empt events. It is a role that requires high skills, so we have him promote screening process. Next month will be the first tests, קאס”ר for the requirements of the role will be the” tip of the Spear of ttzpithnit “.

One of the most revolutionary features, the developed by Elbit, is the operational ה’חכמה. Brig. Gen. Polk specifies that “the system can be very flexible programming-for example to configure the system to ignore during the day that walks in the agricultural field, but at night get on each movement, as if someone arrives at 12 at night is probably not doing the picking. It’s her incredible ability to ignore The system also know, for example, to prioritize threats according to their proximity to the border. It’s a smart, very advanced capabilities to be reflected in the field soon.

But not only in CASS ttzpithnit and highlights the progress made in the formation. “We have reached a situation where combat training is designed and suitable for all scenarios.
Gaps that were previously as fighting in built-up area and carrying weights-closed. Need to realize that not just force Warrior carrying and shoots, the role requires him to run. Collect fighter needs to know to perform complex systems under fire, complete puzzles, and working with a lot of factors that no other regular military fighter not working with them. CPL. can with us.
Working with attack helicopter, with artillery, tanks, anti-tank missiles, snipers. Each element is another world and another action. People doing important work and appreciated and are proud to serve the soldier. Today when you ask our soldier where he serves, he says proudly that it collect such Regiment fighter or, Brig. Gen. Polk explains only shgavat Sunbird.

“The thing I’m most proud of is the soldiers and soldiering,” he repeats and highlights. “What keeps me from finishing the job with a feeling so good. Their ability to contribute in peace, understand that they avoid the eyes following. “The eyes of the country that very statement
Pretty, but really it’s the essence of the collection. Great soldier on duty, whether it is on the northern border, in the West Bank, or Gaza, know a few dozen meters from her family, old
Hikers exploring the wadis, and she’s responsible for them. This is true of a soldier, a warrior lying in the Bush, zero cost, or 40 degrees, which is the thing I most proud of my people. “

Translated from Hebrew