Battle scenes tours of heritage days first ב”כפיר”

כוחות “כפיר” נלחמים בשטח בנוי. צילום ארכיון.

ב”דוכיפת-way redrum the perpetuated battalion members through a special series of fights websites tours:” this kind of education is just as important as shooting practice. “

תאריך: 02/01/2013, 12:54    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The duchifat battalion of the Kfir Brigade, first heritage days is due to noplio, and decided to do it in a unique way; Between learning about the history of all falls down to visiting the physical battle, the Warriors of a battalion which lost battles partisans. The company commander of the Regiment, Lieutenant Schuster lawyers, explained that “the soldiers see through their eyes the places that fell, some themselves.
Perform operational activities “.

For three days, all companies of the regiment moved in the lives of the fallen. The duchifat battalion remembers fallen 13. Most died in Benjamin. Thus began the Warriors
The Memorial room in Bethel, where he met with if all that told the story of her son. From there the warriors to vantage points, and looked towards where I was a run-in with terrorists where the fighters killed several Regiment. The day ended for all lectures
The Chief event, and raising the flag ceremony.

Battle scenes tours of heritage days first ב”כפיר”

Kfir fighters in the last divisional. Photo Archive: דו”ץ

“This is the first time such an event is held in the troop, Captain Dean Schuster. “And now we are preparing to hold another event with the company commanders from the, from where you go into one of the villages where the fault was with terrorists, a place more
The remaining holes. We wanted to see it and feel it in my legs, which is very unique and the story. According to Lieutenant Schuster, the idea emanated from the need to tell the regiment’s heritage and to highlight it. “The connection between the fall and the reason the Warriors here today is deep, it is important that the story and the families that they were updated on the event and excited.”

Battle scenes tours of heritage days first ב”כפיר”


Monument to the fallen soldiers of the regiment around Ofra. Photo: דו”ץ

Meanwhile, notes from that very important event for the company. “It is important that we keep in touch with families of the fallen, and to understand where our soldiers killed
And the fighters they see with their own eyes the places of battle “. Lieutenant Schuster added that “it is especially important for men to remember and commemorate the men who sacrificed their lives for the country.
It’s also their pride as a regiment. The officer didn’t know his past, his future “. In addition
Shuster said that “captain that is just as important as Yom Kippur service bntim it.
This type of educational activity not only breaks, but great importance for soldiers, and this achieves the results on the ground. “

Translated from Hebrew