Become Warriors: a glimpse to the Golani training day

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“You have a minute and a quarter up into position!” at 1:00 at night shavib invades the camp defense cadets pop-up tens kilometers journey Golani | || From morning until the next morning the rookies running and shooting like that, turn to warriors

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5:00 a.m., the Golani Brigade’s training base

For days they work, revived and imagine what it’s going to look on who will be their Commander, who will be accompanied by friends, the challenge is to break them down and build them as combatants? The prospects of the Golani Brigade might think they’re ready, but nothing prepared them for the real thing waiting in their training base “Lords” Menashe regavim.

“You get a civilian after summer vacation, and suddenly you get orders, running, crawling to you and getting you to travel dozens of miles of mud, in rain or wind-two grade controls 51 infantry company Golani organize exercise equipment for transmission, they are waiting for dozens of soldiers who see the Interior of the IDF fighters first met, newbies hold them after a Dim and out of” after the first few days feel like ‘ slapped ‘ that makes you wake up and realize that you are a fighter and discounts ” Number one, the commanders, Sergeant Amichai vaknin. “Every morning you clean your weapon and the dry-practice modes and different fire resistance is continuing. “I’m the first Commander to help the soldiers and give them the last.”

He adds a platoon Sergeant, Sgt. Marc “light for 16 months of training, you get up early in the morning. If your basic training in the summer if you wake up sweating in winter frozen Hollandaise, field. Sometimes you gotta really dig trenches around tents so that they float. You understand that here is impossible to indulge “.

Become Warriors: a glimpse to the Golani training day

9, the day starts in the base’s fire

Hours of light are the most intense phase-runs, gunfire in both crawl and various exercises. Time runs out without sufficient new recruits to remember a few days ago that they count the minutes until the end of math class. “Every soldier must-exercises, assignments, grade Squad, and eventually the whole company together,” Hsu icon. “The soldiers need to get in shape, they carry them all the equipment including PAC-special weapons, personal or relationship. They practice operational traffic to the destination we mark and should also pay attention to the direction the enemy might attack them.

“When I led an exercise class is important to me that every soldier understands his place among angbist, knew what he had to do in context or mtolist, and feel pride at the end of the exercise they occupied the target as planned we built. On the weekends they space it out to fight.

Become Warriors: a glimpse to the Golani training day

18:00, night, darkness descends and enters the word discipline.

The atmosphere varies very quickly when it’s night. Peace takes on tents and night vision are divided among the soldiers. Discipline, as night-time power does not want to be discovered by the enemy, increased alertness, nobody dares to scream, let alone turn on a flashlight. “The IDF is an army that at night, choose symbol vaknin. “They need to get used to the lack of sleep, operational at all times and everywhere.”

“A couple of times during boot camp” campaigns have, according to the Division Commander, second lieutenant ball vaknin. “To the last campaign went about 21:00, at first on easy after a while became full of challenging settings and stones. Some of the time they also navigation only. They have to deal with it, because in real time within Gaza or Lebanon probably cannot go on comfortable but deep into a thicket, “he said. “When you have a particularly long journeys, you start them in the evening, when the Moon was still up, and finish them when the sun rises. You look at her in shock, but it reveals a couple wasn’t aware you can get from your body.

Become Warriors: a glimpse to the Golani training day

Second Lieutenant vaknin. Photo: IDF

O’clock, a.m., bouncing

“You have a minute and a quarter to extend! Bouncing! Bouncing, company Corps through the tents and shouting. The soldiers come, jumping from sleeping bags and running to the stands. “There are two things they have to understand,” said Deputy Company Commander, Lieutenant Kobi. “The first is the transition from zero to 100-bedroom operational activity. And the other is the uncertainty with which to deal every Warrior.

“Popup shaploga in the middle of the night and goes on a journey, they don’t know when it ends a few miles it will take and how long they must open a stretcher and carry one of their friends that hurt”, describes the Vice Kings. “I know these feelings as a fighter myself, and must learn to live with them. When you start to go pass out thoughts like how much power I need to save for later. In the end it makes you stronger. At the end of the runway, you know the capabilities of your body.

Don’t just try to get into the mind of a soldier in the Middle, the training fatigue, heat or cold. One can only try to guess who is determined, outside, wanting to prove himself. “It’s tricky,” said second lieutenant vaknin. “Each company is a kibbutznik, one one, like the other parties, and rides horses, but all your brothers. You sleep in the same tent with food from her plate if necessary. That’s what keeps you. I can’t explain. “

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