Because the game will be blocked to traffic for several blocks and restarted about airport shuttle fans. Before the season finale mlaimmshhak movement will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at Turner Stadium in Be’er Sheva. Today ended the police preparedness. From the afternoon and police have deployed plainclothes and ushers in and outside stadium Turner and fall towards the game starts at 9:00.

The police will act with determination and zero tolerance against all who are fans who try to violate public order and asks fans to stay ahead of the arrival to the stadium. The entries will be. Ticket sales ended and the stadium will be full, instead will not be selling tickets who do not hand a card is requested not to come.

Traffic arrangements starting from 6 pm: closed to vehicles the following streets: David Lazar-אצ”ל; Yehuda halevy Street – Ibn Ezra; Reger Blvd. – Saint from Jerusalem, the delegates will remain closed throughout the game and open an hour and a half after completion.

The fleets: the shtalim and ithogber Stadium in order to respond to the following rule. From 6:30 pm will be the authority that fans of the following focuses: Talis out.
The levels: clock square Neve Ze’ev: high school Burger
And osermil plot: Police Portal
District 9: Grand Canyon
In the end, the authority at shtalim fans. 

No parking is allowed to subscribers next to the stadium and parking areas will be regulated not interfering with traffic. Enforcement will be integrated with oversight for cars parked in forbidden areas * parking and interfering with traffic.

Israel Police will not allow any manifestation of violence in and outside stadium or property damage. The police have exhausted those involved in these events. We are repeatedly reminded that the entry of radio fans grass constitutes a criminal offense and is treated accordingly. Not allowed in flags stands layout we call residents and fans to be patient and follow the instructions.

Translated from Hebrew