Police officers and ushers performing arts complex to be deployed to maintain order and security. Below to block streets to tnoaharb (two) will stage arts complex
In the Beersheba victory celebrations to mark Hapoel Beersheba soccer State champions, attended
Thousands of residents of the city and the region. The event will begin at 7 pm and the concert will be held, TeX.
A salute to the team players and Fireworks. Police officers and ushers to fan out from the afternoon
In the area to maintain security and order and to direct traffic.

From 17:45 to finish the event at midnight.
Will be closed to vehicles the following streets:
Henrietta Szold St-Isaac Reger Blvd. WinGate Street-Isaac Reger Avenue Blvd to the peace road.
Haim Nahman Bialik Street landmark release which Smith Ben Yehuda Street-Jacob Cohen-Nahman Bialik

We encourage you to use public transportation as no vehicle parking places is interfering with traffic. Integrated enforcement will share oversight for cars parked in places *
And parking are prohibited from interfering with traffic.

It should be noted that it is absolutely forbidden to get torches.
And pyrotechnics of any kind. Overt and covert activity is performed instead of finding
Pyrotechnics and accessories in the compound will be tightening among the audience.

Any unusual event, please contact 911 or police 100
That are in place.

We encourage residents to celebrate to be patient
Be patient and follow the instructions of police officers and ushers. The police will act with determination
And zero tolerance against anyone who tries to violate the order.

Translated from Hebrew