Behind the mountain 1, 2, 7

מסע פלס”ר 7. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

After a year of training, says one week and 40 miles to mount bental, receiving team fighters “rum”-the long-awaited mask and join the פלס”ר 7

תאריך: 22/03/2012, 13:53    
מחבר: נעמה בקר

After ‘ training complex and came to my mind “rum פלס”ר ‘s 7 now awaited final travel. A 40 km journey to the Moon and sticklights, specifies the highlight the training route, arrival at Mount bental and glittering Warrior mask that marks the entrance to the family פלס”ר family 7.

Like any family, even to the level of the warriors have their own unique traditions.
“Big brothers”, several dozen old warriors 7 levels, hiding quietly on the side of the road from the tangled, waiting anxiously today ל”צעירים” ending the track “Welcome to the extended family. “Fighters are approaching Rome, immersed in singing songs of Morel full Fairtrade atmosphere, even the one night we knew this winter. Then, without warning, veteran fighters storming out of the bushes, you roaring laughter and join the team. After the first 30 kilometers traveled alone, it’s just throwing energy that was so necessary in these moments. They push and dig in warriors the adrenaline and excitement needed to finish the journey.

Four months of basic training, advanced training and professionalising monthly, where the Warriors learned navigation skills, camouflage and urban warfare — all add up to this moment, the last 10 miles and the endless journey. My feet hurt, the body continued down the power begins to run out, but the wind won’t break it clear them “not with Lowenthal Lowenthal, immigrants with desire.

Boosting morale and regulate breathing, stopping en route for a caption and icon short Division memorial ceremony in kibbutz El-ROM, to energy and renewal continues.

The Warriors face tsboai lift on the backs of half of weights, physical difficulty swallowed through the excitement and pride. Among the music playing in the background, the brief war and the roaring songs whose content focuses on the brotherhood of warriors through everyone crystallizes
The festive feeling. They ROAR along with the words of the song that made the mnonam: “come on come on” reconnaissance patrol.

“It punched strong and invincible.”

Warriors tell IDF website that accompanies the physical difficulty of the small trip compared to expectation. The skies begin to clear, the Sun is rising over them, and you can feel. Mount bental and close of the procession about fighters start counting upon them comprehensive colorful smoke carries the greatest surprise. Out of the smoke screen comes the family: mothers and fathers proud, full of longing, grandmothers, aunts, everybody coming to accept ones and support in tackling the steep mountain.

Immigration, winding and debilitating but with family, as always, it’s a lot easier.
Extreme changes between heat source do, slowly, reaching the top, remove the coats and layers. Views Hermon shnoff as in all its glory, the graduation ceremony, the Commander of the Brigade, Col. encouraging faith, and Commander of the unit, major Omar. “The water level is one big family, of high-quality people and it makes us very hard body. The level of interpersonal and social is at the level of the family, “said major.

The fighters receive certificates, announce and honor to wear the mask. They
Know that one journey ends and begins quest for new and challenging. “I’m done now.
Long, dark journey of 45 km in extreme increase with weight on their backs and provided source.
Whenever I request diverts gaze backward, seeing them, such strong punch and undefeated-away comes power, said Deputy Fahad excitedly rum, team leader.

Translated from Hebrew