Beneath the surface: Kfir fighters practiced an underground fight.

התרגיל בבא”פ לכיש, שבוע שעבר. צילומים: תיעוד מבצעי, דובר צה”ל

Lavi battalion trained Balthazar with robots and special units as part of expanding the range of operation of the Kfir Brigade: “we know that Division have to deal with many forms of warfare”

תאריך: 22/07/2013, 14:50    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

בא”פ לכיש

Air, Ocean, road-and beneath: the LAVI battalion’s Operations Division, the Kfir Brigade, was rehearsing a week underground warfare.
The training, which lasted a week, was held in coming Moscow (Northern command training base) and is intended to train fighters, specializing primarily in the territories of Judea and Samaria, to combat any trace.
“We understand that the next battle the Division have to deal with a different kind of enemy,” explained the company’s operations Chief, Maj. Baruch. “So we have to engage in warfare.
Tangled space, which is dense in terms of surface vegetation, built and ground. Possible situation where necessary to deal with these three trace fighting.

Underground map brings a great challenge because of the difficulty of knowing what is happening on the ground, alongside a very limited movement. These challenges require fighting methods and the overall process-specific special forces and “ה”אייבול entry and, in the form of
A ball which scans the surface 360 degrees.

Beneath the surface: Kfir fighters practiced an underground fight.

“At first, I had to scan the area with ה”אייבול “to make sure the enemy doesn’t put IEDs in the channel, described major. “After entering
Need to move carefully because it is a closed area like a hallway with plenty of room on the sides. Need to work in a very professional way if there is an enemy in one of the rooms of his injury
Can be difficult and many wounded. “

Kfir Brigade occupies now in Hebron Hills line, and the company moved to a dedicated practice weekly to maintain eligibility. “We are preparing to fight to look at some company splits apart, sabotage and Letham (underground warfare. d. f.), and during practice each Department was in its mission,” said major. “It was a great workout, very professional class that did a lot of training, but once the platform and accessories of a bit that raises the level. It is important to maintain vigilance, and prepared in the field. In addition they made weaponry, too open, throwing grenades and hand-to-hand combat – all infantry unit needs.

Beneath the surface: Kfir fighters practiced an underground fight.

Kfir brigade started out seven years ago as a dedicated Infantry Brigade to Judea and Samaria. Today it is the largest live, and her trained in fighting any plots area, from the North to the South.
“Five months ago set operational training division in the Golan
And we continue to be prepared for any threat, “said major. “Today we know that was going to have to deal with many forms of combat. Cloud okaptzno to page. Used to look at Aisha that take us many years to get to this position. I think
That compared to seven years our power is very impressive. “

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