Between aviation medicine: introducing the aviation

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Aviation of the air force went on a course designed to prepare them for a variety of tasks, and even practiced on the skies air treatment

תאריך: 01/08/2012, 11:30    
מחבר: שיר גולן, אתר חיל האוויר

“Breathing heart doctor, 6, head injury, the man unconscious, hazy sounds reading. Apparent casualties being evacuated on stretchers into the belly of a plane ה”קרנף. Three paramedics Jockey between the injured and give them medical care, until they reach the hospital.

Each year, attendees wearing air force MEDEVAC airborne training ב”קרנף”, as part of a three-week course the handset world the same During the course, they know the airborne medicine, aerospace medicine unit and extraction unit
669. “we have learned, for example, how to handle the staff population,” explains corporal Sapphire
Wrap the base. “Flight conditions, altitude and lack of oxygen affects the human body, and therefore we need to diagnose the problem and give them the treatment accordingly.

“Medicine is an integral part of its basic functional continuity of the IAF in times and in emergencies,” explains major allani, saws, drills and training medical officer command soldiers. “So it’s important to know that the Corps are numbered and even defense and operational medicine concept in air and soil. Our mission is to raise the professional qualification of the clinics to save lives. “

“The aim of the course is to prepare the air force Medic for a variety of tasks,” added Lt.-Col.
Dr. Arye Carmon, head of the chassis and medical industry. “Starting with routine dental clinics
And prepared daily to treat wounded in various emergency scenarios, like accidents, aviation and missile fell in terrorist activity bases. Although many tasks
They are required in the Corps, they events prove impressive execution capability. I’m proud of and felt there was who to trust “.

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Translated from Hebrew