Beyond routine to extract: letter of a search and rescue in an accident on route 6

רב”ט גור בזירת האירוע

CPL. Ofir Gur, search and rescue in the HFC, enters the scene of an accident on route 6. In an open letter to the soldiers he writes: “to those situations coaches us.”

תאריך: 11/08/2013, 17:59    
מחבר: רב”ט אופיר גור, פיקוד העורף

פיקוד העורף

There are few days when you apply what you’ve learned. What you put in it a long time. Today, I went with 4.8.13 Meg private car on route 6. Next to 2 pm got stuck in traffic. First us-accident two ambulances moved us, and then it starts over. 10, 15, 20, 23 ambulances and four helicopters; Air force, landed on the road. I sit in the car and watch the helicopters in the air. The angle
I eye the term on my shoulder, the Orange beret.

The thing that most symbolizes the hope and the pins on uniforms symbolize what I went through and the object of my service in the IDF dated Meg right out of the car and ran toward the wreck,
While certainty through people crying and screaming sound all around us turned out to be a disaster. Garbage giant tanker lying on the road and bus-30 wounded and four dead so representative of d updated.

The Commander ran to help and coordination in air force helicopters, Lander and I ran to the rescue.
Yes, I caught the extract only a few weeks ago I learned every smallest screw, and without thinking twice I ran to rescue the wounded. It’s brought us the HFC Kam. For these situations, coaches the fighters and rescue of the HFC.

Sure, like you, think that we don’t run into this kind of events.
And you’re right, it is very rare. But when you’re there, you realize how important you are, how the difference between routine operational line identical to activity of all living units and emergency search and rescue, is special.

No detail on the mirrors and things rescued from the bus, because those shows don’t come across them imagined, like the vast majority of fighters and rescue. I want to tell you that I experience today showed me how important and most of all how this training is worth it. When you look and see in the parts of the bodies.
You WinCE, so does everyone. Our uniqueness is to swallow the saliva and move on despite the smell and the mirrors. That will be all for fun and service.

Me, cpl. Ofir Gur.

Translated from Hebrew