Binyamin Brigade Commander: no increase in the number of terror-design quality

Summary year event sector indicate Colonel Jose Pinto that changes require high intelligence level: “the attack on our forces are insignificant”

תאריך: 09/09/2013, 09:31    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The Division Commander, Colonel Jose Pinto, attended an event to mark the top of
And summarized the events of the last year in Lebanon in command. “During the year we have dedicated many months to prevent terrorist incidents, and that ultimately led to peace
Sector relations “, said Colonel Pinto at the start.

He said the instability
In other sectors can also influence you central command. “In recent weeks we are again challenging period. What happens in Syria and Egypt while away but can reach us very quickly. Our mission was and remains to protect and towns Benjamin residents of this country, a task made more complex in recent months, “said Makhoul Benjamin and added that” we will continue to prepare the troops and be prepared for any event, large and small.

The complexity is Colonel Pinto, alongside events in countries
The door to the holidays and the negotiation process. “This is a time-sensitive peace process affects the surface and the surface affects the process,” he explained. “It requires us to high level of intelligence, and we examine ourselves to ensure that our efforts are really bringing
The intelligence level required. The terror level was and remains challenging, “said MK Binyamin and added that” no dramatic increase in the number of terrorist attacks but there is an increase in the quality of infrastructure and planning.

Dangers of abduction and attempted to perform a hostile terrorist activity against IDF remained intact. “The attack on our forces are significant. Because we work space many times, smaller teams, which can be a weakness, and it requires us to be professional artists “, said Colonel Pinto.

The bone marrow
This also applies to an event that took place last week in the Qalandiya refugee camp, which has violated
Right during the arrest of a wanted person. “This incident could have ended in good shape at least
And the determination and decision of noteworthy commanders, “said. “Refugee camps are challenging because of the high level of friction and violence directed against the forces that come in,” added Colonel Pinto.

Meanwhile, the bone marrow to the force in the event and conduct. “We were on a mission, and we have the power. We’re interviewing and examining ourselves every day to preserve the good things and do better, and we work things as good and not happen more fixed, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew