Blood donation in janni: southern command, the HFC and 91st Division

סגן אביה ניסן מחטיבת כפיר, אחות מוסמכת, מקבלת תעודת הוקרה ממנכ“ל מד“א, אלי בין. צילום: אט”ל

In 2012 the IDF provided a quarter of the blood by hotramo in Israel. This year, an increase of 2.5% in blood donations, thanks to an effort that led to the medical corps.

תאריך: 21/04/2013, 09:15    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט”ל

IDF contributed about a quarter of the blood hotramo in Israel in 2012.
According to a medical corps data exposed in IDF units ‘ ritual in blood drive
Held last week. This represents an increase of 2.5% in the volume of blood donations in its effort to lead medical corps together with d.

“The IDF is there always contribute,” explained Director of blood services Professor, Eilat, is an emotion that has agreed, so busy with operational, finding time to integrate their contributions for activities with Israel. We have only really can rely on them when you need to contribute.

‘ Units received recognition in a ceremony led by the Chief Medical Officer,
Brig. Gen. Dr. Itzik Kreis, ceo of Omni-shield, Eli realized The first places in the different houses won: southern command, the home front command headquarters, 91st Division, Kfir Brigade, at a. lakhish, South District, intelligence gathering Unit and battalion.

“The soldiers don’t need to explain why you should donate blood,” said Kreis, General Excellence
“Great commanders here are proud that they understand their underlying activity helps save boy with leukemia. It’s not just effort and contribute a lot of soldiers “.

Translated from Hebrew