Bond Chief for Rosh Hashana: “the IDF will continue to cement Israel’s defensive shield”

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz greets soldiers and commanders to mark the new year: “the IDF continues to prepare and practice – we manage to post all replies” emerging threat

תאריך: 28/09/2011, 10:29    
מחבר: הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בני גנץ

IDF soldiers and commanders in the regular and reserve army, IDF officials, grazing our various security arms and security industries, at the dawn of the year, I wish
You, your families and all breeding activities in Israel, a year of prosperity and growth yield of security and stability.

In the past year across the Middle East turmoil. Processes in scope and depth of meaning began changing the face of the region, and they have conceived and still evolving.
Long term we carry us towards these changes, and the influence of the State of Israel. Also looking ahead, IDF continues to prepare, train, build, cultivate and invest in his servants, and to adjust itself to a variety of potential challenges.

I trust that due to constant improvement of the level of readiness, operational and technological abilities, and above all, quality, dedication and willingness of our people, we manage to put all threat response crystallizes.

From the outside, storms between the walls in our home not always slow and check regularly
Speaking to complex challenges. This year we continued to fight terrorism and the continued attempts of asylum seekers know hurt in Israel and peace. Against the various threats Windowss existing operational abilities, and initiated new capabilities, we practice and practice in the iarchotino sector. Assign enhancements and no buildup is over, and while our security is threatened by various factors will continue to cement Israel’s defensive shield.

Commanders and soldiers,

Also clearly the new year, we need to advance and enhance grip on both myself and
The IDF spirit and values of their mouths and to them we are ready to fight the enemies utterly.
As always, solid amidatno in front of the challenges before us are made for its support of Israel, with whom and on whose behalf we wear IDF uniform we heard and we do. At this time, all the more so, we need to prove that we deserve the trust of the citizens of Israel, and piety for the professional and ethical standards expected of us.

Remember in this festive date at any time, enabling we celebrate another year of freedom and security in our country, the boys and girls who gave up their lives for us, and we represent a pattern. We will continue to strengthen the hands of the bereaved families, and we’re less stable during their joy and sadness.

May the year be added to the Memorial Wall, which will be a year of a wounded, ‘ ma’am news portraying Gilad Shalit and included in both the prisoners and the missing return soon to limit and to their families.

Happy new year!

Translated from Hebrew