“Bone marrow donation or fighting in enemy territory, saving lives.”

רב”ט אושר אוזן

CPL. approved ear is one of hundreds of soldiers who donated bone marrow in recent years and thus save lives. More than 200,000 soldiers have joined so far to potential donors

תאריך: 26/07/2012, 16:31    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The path of hundreds of army recruits this week recruiting office doors, just before and just after the vaccines for availability, there is an intermediate station where, unlike
The rest of the stations can get’s selection. “Helped out”, which deals with medical assistance to the sick and disabled, established about seven years ago a unique station allows soldiers and soldiering to fresh recruitment day blood sample. The station was established in cooperation with
The IDF and then joined more than 200,000 soldiers and soldiering to donors
Bone marrow the potential.

Like many others, corporal joy, Nachshon battalion fighter of the Kfir Brigade,
To give a blood sample and buffer. Despite the slim chance for potential patient already towards the end of the boot camp commanders promised that the match between the patient needs. Corporal, but ear was quick to give his consent to donation. Just this month, a year.
He saved a major with six-year-old girl patient contribution, and he doesn’t regret a moment.

“When I decided to come in and give a blood sample with the draft, I thought I was going to combat
And contributes to saving lives with bone marrow donation is just like to enter combat in the field.
Diamond, “says cpl. ear with the IDF website, final shatbshreti I suitable for donation, I was preparing for the מ”כים class. I knew it could hurt chances for the course, but I decided if it hits so that renunciation is worth it. I decided to go for it, and to save lives, “he says with a smile.

From then on, everything rolls. Commanders of cpl. ear supported very willingness to contribute, and sent him to do the entrance exams at the school of infantry professions (strange people). To the delight he completed them, then he was released to his home in order to get through the bone marrow donation. “For four days was a nurse came and gave me two shots.
Although they told me chtopath to Hawaii can perform fatigue and headaches before.
Pretty smooth. Air force discharges Thursday day in the hospital for Pediatrics. The procedure is very simple.
Open two veins, and pipelines. After four hours I was released to home and two days later returned to מ”כים course, he describes.

“It’s very exciting, and I was happy that all my commanders supported me. For me it was a simple matter, but for this little girl actually saving lives, “says cpl. ear with excitement,” I recommend every drafted contributing to the blood sample, and it’s eyes should be
Duty of every citizen “.

Translated from Hebrew