Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis Office as Chief Medical Officer

תא”ל קרייס כמפקד משלחת צה”ל להאיטי

Brig. Gen. in the Kreis replaced Brigadier General Dr. Nachman ash, ends a four-year term. Brig. Gen. Kreis: “no compromise on quality of service.”

תאריך: 16/10/2011, 10:56    
מחבר: הללי יצחק, כתבתנו בחיל הרפואה

Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis entered last week to his role as Chief Medical Officer. Brig. Gen. in the Kreis replaced Brigadier General Dr. Nachman ash, ends tenure
After four years. Spare ceremony the Chief Medical Officer at the military medical school in Tel Aviv, said Brig. Gen. fire “does this petition. This is the end of my military career and the end of the road. From age 18 to age 50, most of my life I was in the army, and now I’m on my way.

During his tenure he conducted two General Dr. ash international missions: sending assistance to the victims of the disaster in Haiti and the Japan medical delegation, the latter is an indication that there was a record of his military service. He also led the medical reform with outsourcing project, made the soldiers away from policyholders of citizens and improved health by the medical response, in addition to military medicine Hebrew University, ‘ top ‘-unique luxury comes to meet the shortage of doctors.

“One of the most important things is that the track ‘ top ‘ will continue to evolve and change, the Army Medical Corps. From increasing the number of doctors in their quality and our knowledge and beyond. If that happens I will have great satisfaction “, said Brigadier General Dr. Nachman ash, who added that he” graduated as a doctor and paramedic had every unit and every Regiment. And medical response “.

Brigadier General Dr. ash’s replacement, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis, who was the Commander of the relief expedition to Haiti, received the command of the Corps on the anxiety. The ceremony was attended by senior officials from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of health, the top brass of army Brig. Gen. Dr. Kreis
And his family was told by the leader, Adam for example with. Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis contact Medical Corps personnel who were present at the ceremony and has warned of medical corps to be
Ready to command and fight in any arena.

“I am very excited and alert and undertake primary medical officer in honor
Grow, “said Brig. Gen. Kreis,” we should promote the medical field and improve always, train and practice. Don’t compromise on quality of service. Brig. Gen. Dr. Kreis told at sense of closure tonight symbolizes for him when his hatag (pick-up station laughing stock) of 101 paratroopers Regiment arrived to support him in this position, adding that he “hopes to harness the best way the strengths of our people, in order to tackle the challenges still await us.

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