Brig. Gen. Hayman: shook in Syria requires us to high readiness

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The Commander, Brig. Gen. volcano shaped “Tamir Hayman, the reality in the North border and said that the upheavals in the Middle East requires the IDF” fitness staff flexibility to cope with surprises. “

תאריך: 20/08/2012, 14:15    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of the “Golan” artillery designed, Col. Yaron Formosa, was replaced this week after two years of intense activity on the northern border. Replacement, Colonel Levi, now required to deal with the issues on the day that the threats on the northern border.

The Commander, Brig. Gen. volcano shaped “Tamir Hayman, the exchanges a reality at the border.
The north end. “We are in a period of upheaval and regional instability. Just across the border in Syria, of bloody civil war. This situation requires a high readiness,
Flexible fitness and dealing with surprises and very professional. Designed Golan constitutes the model unit fulfills these qualities every day “, said Brig. Gen. Hayman.

Referring to the change of command, Brig. Gen. Heymann added that “the only Byron significantly in many areas. Under the command of Yaron were
Troops training center and fire made a significant operational change adjust fire response for each scenario. Colonel Levi is selling for a bright, assertive and palan, can require high and celebrated. I’m sure that will continue the way of Don would you designed the many other achievements.

At the end of his remarks, stressed the importance of operational readiness and professionalism required for the Division and noted that “.. .and designed controls require high professionalism, Golan motivation
And fight, flexibility and adaptability to twists and turns and surprises. We needed the power of a move designed, as before camp and allow the smoothly mster Al Grano mission that shaped the country happens to face and landing on him.
First and lost.

Translated from Hebrew