Brig. Gen. in yidtz: “preparing for an era in which deal with fire and cyber wars”

תא”ל יוסי ביידץ

רח”ט out research claims that thousands of missiles threaten central Israel, of considerable intensification of rocket range and precision of the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

תאריך: 17/11/2011, 17:00    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

We are at the beginning of the third era which have to prepare-era wars and the Cyber era, said today (Thursday) Brigadier General Yossi yidtz, in רח”ט
Research on the Intelligence Department in the past five years and the College entered the State of the nation conference 2011 “in memory of the late major general Aharon Yariv.

At the Conference, which was held today (Thursday) at the Center for national security (INSS), said Brig. Gen. in yidtz
Review about home front: threat and response, where the main threats and challenges with the State of Israel faces, and the role of various ages of war.

In 2006 threatened potential Center of several hundred missiles. Today we are talking about thousands, including Gaza. Quantity becomes quality, substance and the yidtz in General. “Our enemies there are rockets and missiles that can reach hundreds of kilometres,
Which can get them new efforts like missiles for multiple launch action. In the field of maritime and air they can hurt the larger distances, creating depth and this is an important development, “he said.

As an example consider a general yidtz that the rocket ranges today by the terrorist organization Hizbullah, which threatened the second Lebanon war on the North to the Galilee, to “shoot anywhere in Lebanon and Israel-all area full coverage. The General further argued that a significant increase yidtz ב”קטלניות” rockets
By their weight can reach up to, as well as the ability to carry chemicals.

“Syria is the most developed country and her operational element is perceived as the weapon is not sitting in musty old warehouses. Whether it might fall to other places like Hezbollah. “
Brig. Gen. Yossi on yidtz importance to technological development and innovations introduced to the various scenes. “In the field
Precision saw major technological development, “he said,” right now the rockets is hundreds of yards, but I look at the next generation about
Accuracy of a few tens of meters. Among others, Brig. Gen. in yidtz said that Hezbollah learned his lesson since the second Lebanon war and now use disposable launchers provide him greater flexibility.

“When we see the war plans for Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, some
Their stated that population centers from the assumption that our underbelly. Although we hit, but not a central goal, “said Brig. Gen. in yidtz. The new age,
He began his true shortly after the end of operation cast lead, and new challenges facing the IDF and Israel leaders endorsed. “Fire wars is a new threat on the home front and it creates new dilemmas, like the selection who give active defense,” he said, “the era brings new challenges, some of which should be discussed openly, and some true Arabs closed rooms.”

Translated from Hebrew