Brigadier General and named Mao Adam Gaza; designed Commander Brig.-Gen. unadulterated Zit popping “steel”

תא”ל נדב פדן, מאו”ג 80 שימונה למפקד “עוצבת הפלדה”. צילום ארכיון: דו”ץ

The Ganz decided on the appointments round, inter alia the General decided to appoint Brig. Gen. amikam norkin Chief Air Force headquarters

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

מינויים ודרגות

According to the Chief, Brigadier General and named Commander Adam bound. Brigadier General Adam and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and paratrooper Infantry Brigade. As part of his duties, he served as battalion commander of the paratroopers brigade 101, a paratrooper Commander, Captain Hiram, designed the Center
Tactical command and control the cutting, Brigade Commander of the Kfir Brigade,
The spearhead Brigade Commander and Commander of the majestic class and, most recently, he served as an infantry officer and main parachute. He replaces Brig. Gen. put his Mickey Edelstein, will be appointed commander of the training center.

Another Chief decided to appoint General nadav, unadulterated Zit popping Commander red “, designed for Chief shaped” steel “. In various roles, he served as battalion commander Brig.-Gen. unadulterated Zit popping 932 (granite), “candy” Battalion Commander, brigade commander unit Etzion, commanding officers school, exhibit the United States arm, Deputy Commander of Division 36 and 80th.

In addition, Brig. Gen. amikam norkin serving today as aerial, named Air Force Chief of staff. In the main roles previously served as Commander, Brig. Gen. norkin Knights Squadron
The twin tail, the Negev Squadron, Chief of operations for the air force, Commander of the base Tel NOF airbase and head.

Lt. General Ganz decided to raise the rank Colonel blessed lugassy, appointed Chief Engineering Officer, Colonel URI zipert that angers Tel you, Colonel Yoram Azoulay that appointed to head logistics and Col. NIR Barkan to Angers in hazerim.

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