Brigadier General Roni NOMA, Commander “major challenges Chinese designed for us.”

תא”ל רוני נומה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Noma replaces Brig. Gen. put his Brigadier General AVI Ashkenazi. Us Brigadier General, former Commander of the Duvdevan unit and initiated “and do whatever it takes, every scene.”

תאריך: 23/07/2012, 15:10    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Brigadier General AVI Ashkenazi this week completed his duties as Commander of 91st Division and land training center targeted. Brig. Gen. Ashkenazi has served since November 2009 the role and response to land and strengthen training designed southern command reserve. Replacement is Brigadier General Roni NOMA, Commander of the 98th, Duvdevan unit, the fish and the rest.

“I appreciate the reserve personnel on their extraordinary contribution – reserve value
Fit and ready he can force and strength of the State of Israel. IDF and designed as part of the Chinese, has the responsibility to strengthen Chinese designed to command, “said the Chief of the Division changes embarks, Brigadier General AVI Ashkenazi. “A lot of action was sacrificed in the past three years. The action included training and exercise Division first, reserve personnel, more than a decade, government training and operational preparation of the draft. We made a big step and meaningful. Chinese decorated ready for war and the challenges ahead, “he concluded.

While his role as Commander of the training center, which is targeted, Brig. Gen. Ashkenazi be named the base’s new כ”מחנה Shomron” named after General Dan Shomron. “This is the main meeting place between regular, reserve and war, technology. Chief of staff Lt. General Shomron advocated developing technology, but that military strength consists first of all of the people, “said Brig. Gen. Ashkenazi so.
Besides, among the most notable measures which
Brig. Gen. Ashkenazi took part were the establishment of a rapid and efficient device haiolle to reserve personnel, streamlining includes the training and reserves, as well as supposed exercise unusual and large scale of the under-designed for the first time in a decade.

“During the General Ashkenazi designed operational objectives. The quake in the Middle East changed the reality and practice in landscape designed connected to environmental changes. In the past two years has led the Division, Brig. Gen. Ashkenazi tirelessly, “noted Commander Southern command, Aluf Tal Russo. “Many challenges ahead, but I am confident that with the soldiers, officers and men of the us army reserve Brigadier General March designed to greater heights,” he said.

Courier duty, Brigadier General Roni NOMA, said at the ceremony that “responsibility is passed to me. Together, regular and reserve personnel, continue to prepare for the day, and a Boulevard. The heritage Division’s fighter become for us a compass, and we look forward all possible – to initiate and carry out whatever it takes us all over the arena.
“I want to reserve a song people and say thank you for your tremendous contribution, as nights of endless activities. Us citizens of the State of Israel will me a day and us civil war answer ask, “added Brigadier General drowsiness.

Us Brigadier General began his career in the paratroopers brigade. Then was there were cherry and commando units and Viper battalion. In his role as Colonel commanded the Brigade of Benjamin and the rest eight Chinese decorated Commander served as Chief 98th.

Translated from Hebrew