Brothers in arms

האחים גלעד. נפגשו בשטחי הכינוס ב”עמוד ענן”. צילום: דו”ץ

Operational activities in Judea and Samaria, “ב”עמוד and bicycle tours on Saturday: Geddes נח”ל serve the brothers Eitan and Benzion Gilad side as officers ensure

תאריך: 19/02/2013, 14:20    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Captain Gilad and Eitan Benzion Gilead, from time to time to meet.
This occurs for instance in operational, as it was recently in the Gaza Strip and the Southern Hebron hills. Naturally the two officers, commanders ensure the Recon rests,
Work once together, but in this case the officers occasionally meet at meals.
The sixth House. After all, one of the main reasons that Lieutenant benzi sought to get to the Green Brigade is the story of his brother Ethan is the second Lebanon war.

Captain, 27, serves as Commander of Raven company in Geddes נח”ל benzi brother, 23, is currently Deputy Commander of the brigade level. The two brothers live in the Golan Heights,
And used to replace each Chair in family meals, when one comes home.
And the other is left to sit in.

“When I was an apprentice in the מ”פים class and מ”כים class apprentice had Hawks took him to be my connection,” said Captain Ethan about the first meeting of the brethren within the army.
“Since we met a few times, like when I was a rookie company comes and benzi was mm equivalent company, or operational employment. The Division is currently in practice in the Golan Heights, and carried the Division’s reconnaissance battalion operational employment in South Mount Hebron, and there met the brothers in a number of operational activities.

“Parents really try to back up our service. Even if they are very concerned, they didn’t show it, “said Lieutenant benzi. In preparation to land in entrance pillar “, met the two men in the territories. They said they spent their one thoughts
On Monday, but they make sure that it does not interfere with functioning. But the common denominator of the red shoes and the green beret, the brothers share Gilead hobbies such as
Motorcycle riding together (if their home ports overlap), which including

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