Burn armor

זרי המשפחות השכולות ליד קיר הנופלים, מתוך ערב הזיכרון. צילום: “יד לשריון”

The bereavement of family designed and decorated Friday convened to the communion with the Division’s commanders and soldiers, to a duel between the memories and current reality

תאריך: 25/04/2012, 12:46    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The loss of “traces” designed ו”עוצבת” 565 up today that soldiers in battles north to South, in many wars Israel. In the wake of decorated central command never forgot, and unique program for inter-generational dialogue between tankists and combat engineering fighters of today, those for whom time stands still. Last month gathered at the initiative of the Division included representatives of the families to hand blteron armor for communion. For a full day every family planted a soldier serving in the battalion he served the space, too.
For once against today, memories in front of the security reality that still don’t give.

“There is no doubt that this meeting was interesting and heartbreaking. I was chosen to accompany the family of employees, that drove Cohen a tank battalion in Sinai, and was killed at the age of 19, “said Sergeant Yarin kalmanowitz, driving a tank battalion sent across the border. “I’m already 20 year
But just like me he was driving this battalion, and it could happen to me. I was thrilled with his meeting, “he said.

Division Commander, Colonel, Berry explained that “the connection between the commanders of families is true, beyond”. This is his third year in this class, in which he says that “we are trying to convey to our troops the commanders spoiler were not only images, but human beings like us, living a full life. I am sure a lot more
The army has indeed learned about loved ones, and learned what he is full.

“You support of many commanders,” said Colonel to the bereaved families, “I find it hard to explain how, but for us you kind of guides. I ask again to hug you, and ensure that we do the most not to enlarge the family bereavement. Who knew, not bad not bad, will not know war. “

“Our meeting today is of paramount importance, and to the commanders and the soldiers understand that continuity exists and the memory continues,” said Carmela-rejwan, widow of David is killed during the six-day war and the representative. “In light of these challenges, we’ve got to live and remember the fallen, and feel the pride and longing over the stone laden tired, so that additional names and doughnuts.

Translated from Hebrew