C4I Corps, and not forgetting the bereaved families.

צילום: דוברות תקשוב

Navy widows and ICT were vacationing in London, organized by the Corps. This is an annual initiative, in collaboration with the Association for the male Corps, as part of the contact with the families.

תאריך: 22/02/2013, 15:40    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Navy widows and for ICT week travelled three days in Ashkelon, which was organized by force and in cooperation with the Association for the commemoration of martyrs of the signal Corps and ICT. During the visit the air force widows Hemi Yoav and Beit IDF history, where the Pavilion dedicated to explore the force and determination. “The purpose of the vacation is to get them a little break from the routine work and childcare,” said רמ”ד casualties in teleprocessing, major ADA Elbaz.

She said major Elbaz, for the RAF widows not resort is only a respite from routine but also a place where they can find support and a listening ear. “The Group of widows is which kind of support group,” explained. “They share each other and difficulties in coping, which is an opportunity for them to remove the mask and talk to women who have experienced the same

On the last day of the holidays, the main liaison officer spoke in front of the widows, and the force of the Navy band and ICT.  Held at the resort every year, force
Elsewhere in the country. “The force and determination of respect and remember the fallen,” said Maj. Elbaz, who noted that “we are with the families of tragedy and win, and that’s the least we can do for them.”

Translated from Hebrew