C4I Corps cadets practicing for the cyber age

הצוערים במהלך המסע, צילום: דוברות תקשוב

Completion technology of the Cadet Corps summarized the course of journey in memory of Lt. Audie elgrabli, a communications officer who was killed in Lebanon in ‘ 94. The course was held for the first time with cyber defence aspects

תאריך: 17/02/2013, 11:56    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Dozens of fledglings of the completion technology of C4I Corps began last week special course five miles journey, from Kfar ma’as and ends at the Memorial to the martyrs of the signal Corps and ICT. “Odie” campaign, attended, is dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Audie elgrabli, a communications officer who was killed in Lebanon in 1994. At the end of the ceremony it shot Manama, headquarters to Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim, Commander, Maj. Raj era and the parents of Lt. Audie elgrably, Georgette and Mordechai elgrably.

The shortest journey is an act for cadets, the majority was army reserve students that after several years of study. During the trip the cadets learned to talk about, and receive an overview of the area. In the Memorial they received a PIN and a letter from the Chief Executive Officer. According to the Commander, Maj. Raj era, the completion of technology designed to legitimize the role of the officer and not a profession. “The professional cadets arrive with enough professional knowledge, our goal is to train cadets and systemic, and leadership tools before return to his unit,” explained Maj. bezaleli.

C4I Corps cadets practicing for the cyber age

During the first week of the course, which is derived from trade and engineering,
Cadet training in project management and leadership. After the first week the cadets call trends and will be dedicated to training duties as technical officers and project officers. Completion will take 14 weeks, during which it held all the exercise trend where will cadets at soldiers on missions related to the profession and will end two agreement exercise

“The earlier we completed major changes and this we supplement those situations,” said Maj. Raj, “wrote various characteristics for exercises in order to make them more relevant: in the exercise of the computing Department added the issue of dealing with cyber defense exercise of Engineering Department we use contact and electronic warfare systems. A summary of the completion routine added the issue of connectivity between the tactical level forces, juridical teleprocessing. In addition, all cyber training program underwent changes, and made a collection of lessons and organized program written in collaboration with cyber Defense Department. “

Translated from Hebrew