C4I Corps Commander in a special interview to “science fiction”

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קשר”ר, Brig. Gen. Eyal zelinger explains about the Cyber senior officers in order, on the IDF’s new software and network” IDF “will enable budgetary efficiency alongside pace attack before targets see

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In the past, the computer was a machine-a petition that caught a whole room and was the province of scientists and researchers; Israel’s first computer was built in 1955 at the Weizmann Institute.
In 1961, joined him in another computer, built for a computing unit,.
In fifty-two years have passed since IDF, information wars, clashes, and changed without recognition. At the same time, the technology got more of our lives, and it seems that she has no intention to stop: today, in 2013, almost every one of us carries in his pocket a tiny computer and a lot stronger from these huge machines used by scientists and military personnel.

If in the past the space Warrior had to rely on old maps and walkie-talkies, the warrior in the field of advanced networked computing systems that connect between the dimensions of the air, land, sea, and Israeli intelligence and helps to achieve maximum effectiveness in routine and emergency. IDF site met with the Force Commander, Brigadier General ICT (קשר”ר) Eyal Selinger, talking about what our future holds.

Today, when technology and occupies a significant element in everyday life, you feel responsible and C4I Corps cost?

“In talking with cadets of the Corps I always tell that ICT systems there is currently no similar battalion combat systems were when I was קשר”ג (regimental communications officer – j. c.), “Brig. Gen. Selinger gives an example. “Today all the regiments of networked control systems, encrypted telephone systems and צי”ד systems (Army Digital).

Variable force role, he explains: If before C4I Corps Commander to arm “command and control”, as he is known in official password today are computing systems
That allow operational processes. “If our systems are falling, the problem”,
He says. “We have systems that allow jointness among IDF values. If both
Not work, tough air force to attack targets “.

If so, how to draw the line between army military technological dependence too key in ICT.

“The responsibility is very great,” admits General Selinger. “The military does have a significant dependence on ICT, but that the world today – the world. We can always use map but operational effectiveness is accordingly. We are aware that there is dependence, and therefore we work to minimize the risks. When I was קשר”ג I was alone. Today all communications officer Lieutenant have brigades and divisions in strong regiments “.

C4I Corps Commander in a special interview to “science fiction”

Contacts, Brig. Gen. Eyal Selinger. Photo: IDF

C4I Corps is facing a dilemma: on the one hand, the desire to stay current, relevant and innovative in the face of enemy armies and terrorist threats, especially
The hatkshov variable is dynamic and constantly updated; On the other hand, the complex economic reality with the IDF deal requires budget cuts
To achieve this vision document version of the IDF commander in Chief as 2025, with an episode dedicated to ל’צה”ל
Client, defines a new era of combat that combines computing means that the resource utilization of iialo the IDF spokesperson and provide operational solutions to enable the process of attacking targets much faster.

“Our goal is to trim the budget and the cuts and still keep database aims to increase the effectiveness of the IDF,” explains קשר”ר the goal is, ultimately, connects all the systems and various Israeli intelligence — today open systems force already entered partial operations used to allow .. sitting in the situation room, the pilot in the plane and space tank to share between them.
ITM of attack goal seconds, at the touch of a button — to speed up attack processes that are cumbersome. “It sounds like science fiction, but we’re getting there,” says Brig. Gen. Selinger. “If the second Lebanon war, attacking X-objectives today, due to the shilobies between the different values of the IDF we can attack ten times. The next IDF ground maneuver will be much faster, and achieve the required operational much faster, “he States.

Another step of teleprocessing headed for economic efficiency is the return of the Israeli software development outsourced back to the IDF, during the last year have been upgraded in last May that they were both the software and to a new class called from (systems
Military command and control management), which is currently the largest software house.
Returns the Israeli software development is a step that will save tens of millions of dollars due to payment savings for companies. “When we decide on project execution, we
Want on the one hand, he comes in and the required budget and meet operational needs.
On the other hand we want to challenge and interest for our people, “explains the connection” a good example is ‘ project and home, in which the systems and control will return to the IDF, he demonstrates.

C4I Corps Commander in a special interview to “science fiction”

Contact Regiment officers (קשר”גים). Photo: IDF

Obviously the impact of ICT can be seen today in the field, not just in front of computer screens: information on Government and military websites throughout the world are corrupt and have already become routine, and this is just the tip of the iceberg: in 2010 reviewing in detail the ה’סטוקסנט virus, which according to reports, sabotaged Iran’s nuclear facilities. Network warfare, cyber warfare, became the province of bored hackers with threat of an actual effect on the world ה’אמיתי. During the past year the IDF
Set the official cyber warfare as an arena in addition to land, air and sea. During 2011, formally established the Defense Department Cyber belonging to teleprocessing. A new and prestigious course called “Cyber shield”
Open to quality and dedicated recruiter for this task, and his third period finished his training three months ago. “Cyber Command officers were manning around and each arm, opened Cyber protection חמ”ל is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, “says Brig. Gen. Selinger. “We are in a very good place in relation to other armies.
In the world, “it States.

In light of recent publications about bruises
Large sites, such as the New York Times and the American Marines, which sported the body calls itself the Syrian ה”צבא” – does the IDF protected level provides?

“C4I Corps cannot afford to rest on our laurels,” said קשר”ר,” in the shortest time in which Cyber Defence Department, had to cope with the rapid developments and threats. It requires different training force, to find other candidates. It must increase power sources
The man’s a force. We fit the entire system to meet the challenge. “

With increased force responsible growth also demand to serve him, and C4I Corps denies the gray image of radios and antennas. On each orbit space contact officers
The insides are facing today five of, “says Brig. Gen. Selinger and handpick the best moved for three days to locate. There is tremendous demand to reach that force is the only ICT force takes enlist to be warriors and engage the technological aspect. In addition, he notes, software development courses graduates of applied integrating quickly with their release of the high-tech companies.

In the world of miniature gadgets Temple and decorated – where stands the IDF?

“Ultimately, we could develop a very cool gadgets but if they will not be relevant to the operational requirements from the field, it doesn’t help us,” Brig. Gen. cooler Selinger the tlabotheno. “We insist that all our project be necessary and very clear operational and working in collaboration across the various arms of the IDF.

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