CA soldiers out of service as regular soldiers.

The move is designed to improve the image of the IDF soldiers was from special populations. Head of CA education Corps: helps soldiers move to ב”אזרחות without stigmatization

תאריך: 29/08/2012, 16:31    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

A significant innovation in the maka: special populations the Israeli factor was decided several months ago that every soldier or soldier was within the array are moved prior to release to all – צה”לית.

Besides streamlining through the passage between the powers (of the maka to צה”לית rule), including a significant reduction of the waiting period under the processes and aligning the maka all Internet line in which to join and transfer processes. This is a formal lishesi procedure, but this also means efforts for the soldiers and soldiering.

During recent months, CA branch understood that soldier is a major day under the Authority’s formation until the day of release. “The soldiers did not receive the change made during the service, and we decided to introduce practical attitude and make them feel as regular soldiers,” the IDF site head of CA Education corps, Lt.-Col. Oren Nehemiah.

Therefore it was decided that three months before the release of the soldiers and soldiering moved to צה”לית, and they rule as full-fledged soldiers. “We cause soldiers to feel that the change was made. The real challenge to meet them in citizenship, as a shicetrko to believe in themselves and go to a job interview, for example, “claimed Lieutenant Colonel Nehemiah and added that” this step ensures that these soldiers will go with confidence and around with no written label and consciousness of a CA.

In principle, a soldier can switch to all-only if צה”לית serving set up on eight months of service. If a soldier’s commanders impressed him, they may pass a recommendation to the command to maka a general authority – צה”לי. The process is subject to a signed letter combination of the soldier’s direct Commander, along with a letter written by a soldier it explain request. “It’s about how you catch yourself, and a soldier who believes himself to be easier to make citizenship processes”, said Lieutenant Colonel Nehemiah.

Meanwhile, another hostage to a nationality in the purchasing profession. According to official figures and current of the maka, a significant increase in the amount of members ‘ interests in a battle and his troops. In 2010, only 44% of the soldiers were professionals, while in drastic increase to 63% for professionals. In the industry estimate that members ‘ interests rate in 2012 are expected to stand at about 70%.

Translated from Hebrew