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When Hanan shatzoar me realizes that his life is in danger because the leukemia disease, he did not think that donating bone marrow is a woman after a story about destiny, the IDF spirit and in-between

תאריך: 17/06/2012, 21:24    
מחבר: רומי גדעוני, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Last month launched an aid organization “in bone marrow donation operation on sectarian basis, which should contribute to Ethiopian people, Iraqi Kurdish, and more evidence they lack bone marrow database contributions. As part of the chain of haiolle in Koh, a freshman’s ability to try and save a man’s life in a sample of bone marrow cells in one best made the stabbing. You don’t believe it really will bear fruit, but eventually it turned out for the best, “said Yehuda Dome, which finishes this week the officers of combat engineering. Judah was no doubt in the buffer, which turned out to be a life Savior.

Exciting story began a year and a half ago, when the leukemia was discovered at me then a gracious intelligence, you realize that his only alternative is to get a bone marrow donation.
Me started for a long and difficult treatments and subsequently released the IDF six months after he found a suitable donor, soldier, bone marrow station of “all that I will ever in my life, that’s all it is. I’m here because of him. ” Following the applicable contribution to me and returned to military service, and today is where officers course 1.

I first met this month with the same place that saved his life, the bone marrow haiolle in chain. Exciting meeting was attended by the families of the soldiers and head אכ”א, Ali” champion of love, great privilege and great pride,
The contribution and significant service of both. Beyond the contribution, both received something else-a new family we have a new boy in the family now, “said the mother of Judas, and hugged
The me eagerly. Judah’s fiancee and also invited me to the wedding
Sacrifice. After an initial meeting which on all those tears, settled side for two complete gap. “There was no way I was here if we weren’t a good match,” said Judah eagerly with me almost speechless.

The meeting ended in a call for the public to contribute. “There is evidence that the missing people are willing to donate, and stressed the importance of the contribution.

Translated from Hebrew