Call for Proposals for LIFE Action Grants on Environment and Climate Change
Israeli institutions and organizations once have the opportunity to apply for European grants focused on the environment and climate change. The EU has launched two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for 2016 LIFE action grants. The total budget for the grants is 240 million Euro, with 184 million being allocated for environmental projects and 56 million for climate action.

​LIFE is an EU instrument that supports environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU. While Israel is not a LIFE member, it is a partner country. Thus Israeli institutions, public bodies, commercial organizations, and NGOs (that are not located and do not operate beyond the "green line") are welcome to apply for the grants, as long as they do so in cooperation with an EU member. Projects that are chosen could receive up to 60% of the cost of the project.

Projects can be focused on either environmental issues or climate change (depending on the type of project). The RFP covers action grants for several different types of projects. The ones that are relevant to Israel are:

  1. Traditional projects: may be best-practice, demonstration, pilot or information, awareness and dissemination projects.
  2. Integrated projects: projects implementing on a large territorial scale environmental or climate plans or strategies required by specific EU legislation, primarily in the areas of nature, water, waste, air and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  3. Preparatory projects: address specific needs for the development and implementation of EU environmental or climate policy and legislation.


Click here for specific information on types of projects, deadlines, and other details that are necessary before submitting a proposal.

Click for a list of national or regional contact points for each country, in order to find a potential partner for your project.